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What I learnt this week: The Great Pretender

Disclaimer, this blog is around four weeks behind!  And was also written after a couple of Boxing Day wines…

Monday was probably the best start to the week one could ask for.  My boss, ‘Sally we need to send someone to Canada to help Martine at the Teacher fair, would you be interested? ‘ Me- ‘Oh yeah I think I would be.’  Boom, will be heading to Toronto for 5 days.  Stamp that passport.

Tuesday was even more exciting.  I moved into my new place!  Met the housemates and unpacked my suitcase(s).  I have my own place, finally.  Well, it’s  shoe box of a room but it’s my shoe box!

The rest of the week flew by.  It was filled with working, unpacking and the like.  Thursday I went out with Mr John Perd (that’s not his real name, but it’s a long story).  Cocktails in Holborn, dinner in China town, Spanish wine in a Spanish wine bar… It was a lovely evening.

What wasn’t lovely was getting up at 6am to pack for my long weekend in Germany the next day.  Arg, work was hard!  So hung over.  But I wasn’t as bad as Lewis, who I think was still drunk.   He did provide some good Friday laughs.

Euro star to Cologne with Kelly and Linda.  Check in.  Sleep.

Saturday was so much fun.  We did the tourist thing, checked out the Cathedral which was  incredible.  Even walked up into the bell tower.  Hit the Chritsmas markets- mulled wine, German sausages, wine, crepes, wine, fried potato and wine.  Add in a bit of shopping- couldn’t ask for a better day.

For dinner we hunted down a snitzle and beer on the river.  Later we met Linda’s friend-Kristy (her 30th coincidentally) and went to cocktail bar.  Really great meeting more people.  I chatted to one of the girls- Sarah, it was like we were already good friends.   You know when you meet someone and you feel like you’ve always known each other.  I love those moments.


Wandered back to my accommodation.  Ran into a couple who were drinking Guiness from a beer jug, apparently it was a present for her dad.  Sure.  At least I have never done that.  Had a 2am chicken kebab, because gee I needed more food.

Before I went to bed the girls in my dorm were up talking about their night.  They mentioned this ‘old’ guy had cracked on to them, he was- 28, eek!  It was funny though hearing their stories about the orange shirt guy, the gay guy, this guy and that guy.  Reminded me of when I was young lol (yeah internet slang,  like the youngens use these days, I should add a YOLO).

Next day we caught the train around to the rest of the markets.  Ate more.  Drank more.  Shopped more.  Then it was time to say goodbye.  Amazing weekend but need sleep.  And no more booze for a while, a week, or a couple of days at least.  Hang on… you can get wine on the train!?

What was my lesson this week?  Well, something happened that I never expected.  I started to enjoy my 9 to 5.  I enjoy helping people get work, I enjoy the people I work with and I even enjoy choosing my out fit to go to work in.  But am I confused and just dressing up?

You know the saying- ‘fake it until you make it?’  What happens when that becomes your reality and you’re not sure if it’s the reality you want?  Working out who you are and what you want can be difficult.

I’ve been questioning if I would like to do my job long term.  And I’m not sure what the answer is.  Am I hiding from myself and what I really want because I feel so far away from achieving my writing goals or am I content doing what I’m doing?

Stay tuned for the answer…

Funniest moment:

  • Heading through border control- security asks me the purpose of living in the UK.  Does searching for an English sugar daddy, so I can get a visa and stay permanently sound good?  No, oh ok, it was worth a try

What I did that scared me:

  • Walking up 500 steps to the top of cathedral, me don’t like heights!


  • A new place
  • A new country
  • A new boy


  • Forgetting to take my camera to Germany!
  • Bus trip for what seemed like hours around Cologne with pointless facts about the city- this is the largest housing area, the pool is heated.  Yep, that’s awesome
  • Getting the distinct feeling that I may be too old to stay at backpackers…

What I learnt:

  • To look at what I may be hiding from

What I learnt this week: Stand by me

Sooooo Monday morning is always fun in the office when you’ve kissed a colleague on the Friday night.  The amount of teasing was excessive of course.  Even my boss was in on it, but it’s all just a laugh.

Me and Lewis were emailing flirty messages throughout the day.  After work he said to make sure I delete all the emails because they’re monitored.  WTF?  I had no idea people checked work emails!  No more emailing.

Monday lunch was a winner, we got taken for  a deicious lunch of burgers and milkshakes! Also went out for dinner that night to farewell Ash back to Australia.  Headed to pub in Liverpool Street for her last (supper) English meal.

Shifted again on Tuesday, this time to Nadelle’s in White chapel.  Which was a drainer but cool to hang out with her for the week.  Although I’m not sure about East London- is it trendy or just dodgy!? I thought I was in a ghetto at one point.  Survived though.  Just had to make sure I was indoors no later than 7pm lol.

Went on a movie date mid week with Lewis.  Checked out ‘Gravity’ which I thought was absolutely incredible.  I loved every second.  Sandra Bullock is amazing and my future husband George Clooney was it it, so that was even better.  Lewis was very sweet, he bought chocolates for our date and walked me home, which was good because it was after 7pm in the ghetto!

Thursday was the tough one.  Writers group.  My TV script was read.  Wow, that was intense.  All the different ideas of where my concept should go.  It was eye opening but once I processed it, I knew what to use and what to lose.

I was so very good on Friday night, instead of drinking I went to the gym, ate seaweed for dinner and had an early night.  Can’t say that for Saturday though…

Although I did write all Saturday, pausing only to buy Katy Perry tickets.  Then went to Stuart’s (my writing friend’s) house party in West Hampstead.  Met his lovely fiancee Clare.  Clara was there too.  Everyone else was  part of a couple, but they were cool couples.

When I walked in I thought it might have been a Bridget’s Jones situation, but it was a wicked night.  Wine flowed, there was good conversation, party food and suddenly it was 3am.  Crashed.


Sunday I swam sluggishly through a hangover but still got a lot of planning and writing done.  Pat on the back for me.  Then out of the blue a Spanish guy I’d met at Kelly’s B’day f messaged me.   It was funny because his name is different on FB so I  didn’t know who I was messaging until I stalked his photos, then I realised! Yes, Mr John Perd I’m talking about you.  Hola, if you’re reading this!

Getting down to it, what I learnt this week was about friendship.  This is something that I hold very dear to me.  I love my friends.  It’s interesting since I shifted to the UK.  I am always intrigued by the people who  keep in contact and those who have disappeared.  It means so much when I hear from down under because I can get so damn homesick!  P.S. I AM AWARE I NEED TO BE BETTER AT STAYING IN TOUCH TOO!

Then there are the new people in my life that have helped me since I’ve arrived here; whether it was a place to crash,  heading out for a drink,  eating a home cooked dinner or someway I’ve been cared for.  I remember every kind deed and hope to repay them.

Some friendships have became stronger, some I can now let go of.  Some people I see more clearly.  And I look at myself and how I can be a better friend.

Funniest moment:

  • This was at the house party, where I shared a story about a past love.  As I regaled the tale, Stuart (who was very drunk at this stage) was trying to analyse the situation.  He questioned, ‘do we like him?’  I would continue the story and he would interject ‘No we don’t like him, he sounds like a player…. do we like him?’  This would continue whilst Stu sipped on his straight vodka until Clare topped it up with coke.  By the end of the story I’m not sure if I got the answer I was looking for but I do know that Stu is already a good friend and he won’t let me settle for any old douche.


  • Hitting the gym after two months
  • House party.  Whoop whoop!
  • Getting so much writing done


  • Then losing my writing because I didn’t save it!
  • Broken suitcase, the poor thing has really taken a beating over the past months
  • Realising big brother is closer than I thought, re office emails

What did that scared me:

  • Cant share that info this week, it’s not that saucy but I’m now FB friends with work people so better to keep my lips sealed 😉

What I learnt:

  • Friends can surprise you!