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What I learnt this week: There are NO accidents

The start of the week went by in a frantic blur of preparing at work for my trip to Canada.  Add packing, which was basically every piece of clothing I own, due to the fact that it’s -15 in Canada atm!

Caught up with Clara for dinner on Tuesday- our fav place ‘Penang,’ in Sheppards Bush.  After a delicious curry I went shoe shopping.  All in all it was a very successful evening.  Friend, food and retail therapy.  Love it.

Next day it was time for project Canada, take 2.  Met Martine at the airport.  Ready to go.  Grabbed a bite to eat at Waggamama and chatted about the epic trip ahead.

As we were boarding the plane our tickets beeped under the scanners.  I was thinking, shit they’ve over booked us!  Low and behold we had been upgraded to business class! OMG.  It was incredible.  We could lie down, the drink and food flowed like we were at a wedding.  There was even a snack bar that was always open.  It was heaven.  We kicked back and enjoyed.


When we arrived in Vancouver 10 hours later it didn’t even feel like we’d been on a plane.  Grabbed our luggage, headed to the hotel.  After food shopping for breaky treats, we called it a night.

The next day was spent collecting supplies for the fair at the University and preparing.  We were able to check out a few cool areas in the midst of this. Gas town- which is named due to the gas that rises from the streets in the area (pretty original me thinks).  Granville Island, which has an amazing food market.  Ferry back to Yale town, where we had a lovely dinner of tapa’s.  Wandered back to the hotel, bed.

Got up early, headed to the British Columbia campus for the career fair.  Set up our area, which if I do say so myself looked amazing.  We were colourful and fun.  The day was a huge success, chatted to around 80 potential candidates.  It was great meeting them and learning of their aspirations to travel to England and teach.

Martine and I were exhausted after the day.  Even I  have trouble talking for 7 hours straight!  But we headed to have a drink with a couple of the really keen candidates.  We chuckled aboot (this is how the Canadians say about) the differences between England, Canada and Australia.  Back to the hotel and bed.

Saturday started with organising information from the candidates we’d met and compiling it for the consultants back home.  After that it was time for a break.  It was a beautiful day in Vancouver.  We headed out, taking a look around down town- walked to Stanley Park, checked out the Marina.  Wandered in the sun and chatted about life.  It was so beautiful to have some time just to enjoy the afternoon.


It started to turn cold so we headed back, stopped for amazing sushi on the way.  Off to the hotel to chill and get ready for a night out. We went to ‘Coast,’ an amazing restaurant which looked liked something out of ‘Sex and the City.’  It was a special week in Vancouver where you could eat at really expensive restaurants cheaply, as part of ‘Dine out Vancouver.’  Good timing on our behalf!


For more fun headed to the ‘Media club’ where we checkout out ‘Deaf Havana.’  Really cool punky/rocky English band.  As it was a really small venue, not many people were there, we chatted to the band after.  Back to the hotel, sleep.

Sunday- packed, another plane ride, arrived at Edmonton.  Met an lovely lady called Cindy.  Chatted the flight away.  It was amazing to hear about her experiences.  The views she held were very similar to Martine’s and myself.  It was no accident that she sat beside us.

Which brings me to the weeks lesson.  Having spent a lot of time with Martine we have gotten to know each quite closely.  We’re lucky we get along so well.  As we shared many experiences this week I’ve come to realise we’re very alike and have very similar stories.

Sometimes you can feel you’re alone when you go through certain things in your life.  That no-one has ever felt ‘this way.’  It’s not true.  And it’s comforting to find know  you’re not wrong to have felt whatever you’ve felt in your past or even now.  This was also confirmed when we met Cindy.  She told us some very personal stories, which both Martine and I connected to.

Cindy said something I’ll never forget.  Before her mum passed away from a medical complication, that should have be prevented, she whispered to her daughter ‘there are no accidents.’

It was no accident we had sat together on that flight.  And it was no accident I ended up on the trip to Canada with Martine.  It was no accident that I’m writing this blog right now or that you’re reading it.

There are no accidents…

The thing I did that scared me:

  • Whilst we watched the band I noticed one of the guys was very cute.  Martine and I chatted after the gig, whilst I plucked up the courage to begin a conversation with him.  After a lot of hesitation (I think Martine had given up on me),  I suddenly waved to him.  He waved back.  And the chat began 🙂

Funniest moment:

  • Finding out why everyone in Vancouver is so nice:  they all smoke pot!  Apparently.


  • Walk around Stanley Park in the sun
  • Business class upgrade
  • Everyone I met this week


  • Jet lag
  • Jet Lag
  • Jet Lag

What I learnt:

  • There are no accidents.