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What I learnt this week: Skin Deep

Disclaimer: this blog may be a little (or 6 weeks to be precise) behind…

Due to the fact I was massively inspired from the weekend at the guerrilla film making master class I spent the rest of the week wired.  I’d made a commitment to my writing and I needed to be held accountable!

The commitment was to properly market myself.  And on top of my general writing projects I would ‘feel the fear’ and pitch my feature script this October at the London Screenwriters Festival at Pitch Factor.  Which is exactly what it sounds like- pitching your idea to a very large crowd.  And the judges are people in the biz with ‘power.’  This means I need to get my script smick by then.

My attitude had swung dramatically- I realised what I needed to do for myself with regards to writing.  And I believe the week opened up like it did for this reason.

Two writing contacts whom I’ve not seen in a while got in touch to check in, always a good sign.  I also had the opportunity to submit for an amazing freelance opportunity.    And received some great feedback for a current project.  That was a good pep up.

Sometimes you wonder if you are heading in the right direction.  But they say if you open up to the universe , put yourself out there, good things will follow. Now I just have to keep up the hard work.

Speaking of work, it was an interesting week there.  I was honestly ready to leave on Wednesday.  It had been a crappy week.   And I was so inspired with writing I just wanted to toss it all in and write.  If only I didn’t need to pay the bills!  I was at breaking point.

But I had an epiphany on Wednesday night.  Not sure why, but I went in on Thursday with a different attitude.  If I wasn’t being respected, that was partly my fault.  You have to command respect; you don’t just automatically get it.  So I did.  I put my foot down in a firm manner and people actually noticed.  I got the results not because I was bitchy but because I was no longer willing to be pushed around.  I made a list of all that had been achieved in the past six weeks since I’ve been promoted and I was proud!

Working in London sure has made me MUCH more confident and resilient!

Highlights from the week- catch up lunch with Indu on Wednesday, saw ‘Grand Budapest Hotel,’ with Shelley, aerobics class (hilarious) and chatted to Navy boy, who is always good for a laugh.  Drank way too much with one of my new friends, Abid, who I met the weekend before.  I re learnt why I don’t drink white wine, oh because it makes me vomit!!!

I did have many plans for the weekend but they all vanished.  But I was glad, as I spent the whole weekend writing.  I was so incredibly happy.  My commitment continued!

What I learnt this week- Prettiness.  There was boom on social media this week for taking the ‘no make up selfie’ to raise awareness for cancer.  This made me think about being a girl and why it was such a BIG thing to take a photo without make up.  We have become so addicted to the stuff.  I know I am.

I salute anyone who did it.  It’s a crazy world that in order to feel pretty enough we feel we have to wear make up.  What does being pretty, hot, sexy actually mean?  Why is it so highly regarded in society when it’s so fleeting?  If prettiness is all you identified yourself with, what happens when it fades?

Abid told me a story of a girl he met in a bar who asked him to buy her a drink because she said she was hot?  WTF???  Should hot people get things because they’re hot?  Me thinks not.  I find it so unattractive when someone thinks they’re hot and clearly has tickets on themselves but actually doesn’t have the ability to string a sentence together!

I believe it is far more important to be intelligent, brave, witty, funny, bold.  Don’t rely on being pretty.  There are plenty of pretty people out there.  How are you different?  What makes you special?  Be more than pretty.  Go beyond the fashion mags, the films, the models, the media, video clips, and the advertisements.  Find a unique you that is not identified with just being pretty.  As Beyonce said ‘Pretty hurts…’


Funniest moment:

  • More random than funny but ran in to Linda on the tube.  What are the chances of getting on exactly the same carriage as someone you know during peak hour in London?  Slim I’d reckon…

What I did that scared me:

  • Put my foot down at work.


  • Finishing a draft for my feature film sequences
  • Submitting for a freelance job
  • Taking a stand


  • Vomit
  • Feeling over it at work
  • The weekend finishing

What I leant:

  • Beauty really is only skin deep, being a unique you is more important by far