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What I learnt this week: The good old Yin and Yang

(A mere 3 weeks behind now on blogster)

I saw ‘Maleficent’ this week.  Thought it was brilliant.  Angelina Jolie totally rocked the character!  I do have a soft spot for Maleficent because I performed as her in Alpha’s version of ‘Sleeping Beauty.’

It was a great twist on the fairytale we already know and love.  However this version made me question who are the baddies and goodies really?  As humans we have a black and white concept of these things.  The hero is good; the villain is bad and must be vanquished.

This led me to think about how I view life situations as positive or negative.  However Yin and Yang are sides of the same coin.  They can’t exist separately.  We need both.

In life we need to take in the positive and the negative and see what comes out of it.  Each experience will teach us the lesson we need to learn at that moment- whether or not we think it’s good or bad.

This theme came out of my week.  It has been incredibly stressful at work, as we are preparing for an audit.  Fun times- NOT!  Then everyone decided they were shifting out of the flat (no, it’s not because I’m crazy!  They all have different reasons).  And I was still really ill, so coping was not easy.  But instead of imploding I manage to realise it would be ok, everything would work out.  Wasn’t sure how, just knew it would…

Reading the ‘Timekeeper’ by Mitch Albom definitely helped put things into perspective.  I love his books.  Towards the end of the novel I was sitting in the park on a sunny day with tears streaming down my face, snot not far behind.  Through his words I realised none of my present problems mattered.  All that mattered was that I was alive.  And there was no situation that would be thrown at me I couldn’t handle.

So instead of thinking everything was dire I went, ‘okay dokey, things are a little stressful atm, but I’m sure it can be worked out.’  The Yin Yang approach- taking in the positive and negative as one, breathing, then taking action to help my situation.  Better than having a brain explosion!

That’s the learning side of the week, on to the doing:

  • Writers group on Monday at the ‘Slug’
  • Mexican and movies with Ash, Jess D and Jess W on Wednesday night.  Saw ’22 Jump Street’- laughs with Jonah Hill and perving on Channing Tatum, yippee!
  • Asda shopping (which is always an experience- so many things!) with Zoe on Thursday night, walking back home in the sun 🙂
  • Drinks for Larissa’s (Jess D’s friend) Birthday on Friday night.  Which was at the back of Somerset House, overlooking the river.  Wine and chats with the girls.  Topped off with a delicious dirty hotdog on the way home


Saturday and Sunday was spent reading, writing, researching.  A much needed chilled weekend.  Ready for the week ahead.

Funniest moment:

  • ’22 Jump Street’

What I did that scared me:

  • Ate a hotdog from a street vendor.  Turned out to be delicious!  And I’m still alive, even better!


  • Somerset House in the Summertime
  • Maleficent
  • Mexican & movie night with the girls


  • Bit hanging on the Saturday
  • Audit prep
  • Feeling that I wasn’t getting anywhere with my script after all the feedback

What I learnt:

  • You need to take the positive and negative and go with it.  You’re capable of working out anything that’s thrown your way!