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What I learnt this week: Go slow…

Sometimes when we have a goal we believe we must achieve it ASAP.  I definitely feel that way.  However ‘things’ worth achieving tend to take time.  You can have it all but not all at once!

I’ve lived my life like a sprinter.  Always wanting to get to a destination as quickly as possible.  The funny thing is I’m a long distance runner by nature (well I was in high school, which was a little while ago now, eek).  It actually seems more important to be gentle with yourself.  It’s a life journey and if you don’t stop along the way, it will all just flash by.

That being said it’s hard to live by those rules all the time!  This week has been hectic- getting ready to leave London, working and socialising. I’m also continuing to prepare for the London Screenwriters festival.  Which is the most important event of the year (although I’m sure there are other very important events out there haha).

And in a small nutshell this week I also…

Had dinner with Indu at Holborn on Wednesday.  Ate by the lake in Hyde Park on Friday night- taking in London Town’s sparkling glory.  Oh and did some cooking.  I’m a regular Martha Stewart since I stopped drinking!

P.S. I randomly took some photos in the office.  From the left- Harriet, some crazy chick, Steph and Charlotte.  I love these ladies.  They are so wonderful, funny, kind and generally amazing.  They will make it hard for me to leave London…But a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!



What I learnt this week: A realisation

Sometimes life just seems crazy and random.  But then, a second of clarity leads you to see that everything adds up to this moment.  And that is exactly where you’re meant to be.  All the weird and wonderful roads you’ve traveled have led you here.

I’ve searched long and hard to discover what my reason for being on earth is.  And I’ve come to believe it’s to help empower women through different ways.  I’ve written and created films about them, for them and with them.  Most importantly I’ve never given up on striving for the things I believe in.   Things that I thought were important not only to me, but the women in my life- the lovelies that inspire me and the ones I want to inspire.

When I upgraded my website with Heather this weekend the pieces of what I’d thought didn’t quite fit, fell into place.  It became clear my life hadn’t been a big mass of craziness.  It had always been about empowering women through my creativity and determination.

Funnily enough I drafted this post a few months ago (when this week actually happened), now I’m reading a book – ‘Playing Big’ by Tara Mohr and it touches on the concept of callings.  We generally believe our goals need to be something BIG.  But callings may not always ask you to risk everything.  It might be a simple task.

What Tara suggested is that all the things you do (small or big) tend to add up to a similar theme.  Which is exactly what happened to me.  But because it wasn’t all the same thing e.g. writing a screenplay, getting it made and seeing the end result affect people.  Then writing another.  I thought I wasn’t truly working on my calling.

However things are adding up.  Even this blog is about me sharing my experiences so that others can learn something (well hopefully).

Apart from my epiphany it was quite a cool week at work and socially.  We had to write, film and edit a short film for our all staff day.  Now that is right up my alley!  Also Had a lovely Chinese dinner with Nadelle and Diana in Notting Hill, on Tuesday.

Out for dinner again on Wednesday night- Burger and Lobster with Libby.  Then we checked out ‘The curious incident of the dog in the night.’


After the show I wandered home through London.  It’s a crazy city, that can make you feel crazy, but I’ve also had amazing experiences here.  However the craziness needs to end.   This girl needs to stop for some air and see what the universe has in store next…