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What I learnt this week: Blah, blah, blah

Feb 2015…

We all have those weeks.  You know the ones.  They’re just a bit ‘blah.’  Something happens that sucks.  Then a bunch more crappy things happen and suddenly you‘re stuck on a train heading straight for Sh%tville.  You better have your bags packed, because you just gotta ride it out…

As you can probably guess it was one of those weeks for me.  The funny thing is that it got off to a good start- burrito Monday with the Manchester lads, writing catch up with Stu and movie night Monday.   Tuesday I got a first class train to London- chu chu full steam ahead!

But mid-week drinks, (which should have been fun)… took a strange turn.  And that’s when I arrived at Sh%tville, (we won’t be going into details of my stay in this town.  I like to keep swearing on my blog to a minimum.  I will simple say some humans are rubbish at being human).

On the plus side I crashed at Steph’s that night and we had 12am kebabs, a good consolation! We stayed up late chatting about how the universe works in mysterious ways (meaning why crappy things happen for seemingly no reason).   We came to the conclusion that life doesn’t always make sense.  But what is won’t always be.

So if you find yourself having a ‘blah’ week- the good news is that you won’t be stuck in Sh%tville forever!  (Which is good because the Wi-Fi is rubbish in that place).


What I learnt this week: Don’t be so silly!

End of Jan 2015…

As humans we can get so caught up believing we should have done ‘this’ instead of ‘that.’ But there’s no right or wrong way to live life.

I bring this up because it was Australia Day on Monday and I wanted to celebrate with one drink, instead I ended up staying out until 2am.  I’d wanted a relatively early night! But I was having so much fun with work peeps, I stayed out.

Then I was mad at myself!

It was silly to feel that way.  I had a good time. So what if had made a decision to do something different.  Just because I didn’t do exactly what I’d planned doesn’t mean what I did was wrong!  Why should I feel bad about changing my mind and staying out late on a school night?

Guilt- what a jerk!

Apart from the crazy start to the week, work was full on, but quite creative.  Our team was designing leadership workshops in London.  Was great to be in a room with a bunch of imaginative brains.

Also caught up with Shelley and Holly on Wednesday, we headed to Giraffe for food and drinks.  Seriously catching up with girlfriends is the best therapy ever (and cheapest…well depending on how much you drink)…


What I learnt this week: Write now!

January 2015…

With mum back in Aussie it was time for me to head to planet routine again. It was hard to say good-bye, but I kept busy, that way I didn’t have to think about it! And this was easy because the new project at work is full on. I’m learning tonnes and stretching my brain; hopefully it doesn’t start falling out.

Inadvertently the challenges at work inspired me to focus more on my writing. Sometimes the busier you are, the more you achieve!

Or maybe it’s my new mind-set…

I’ve been reading a book called ‘Turning Pro.’ Boy, has it opened my eyes! I’m a bit of a planner and I do a lot, but I also plan a lot! What the guy, (Steven Pressfiled) said is that you decide to turn pro and you do it- TODAY. You can’t plan to do it tomorrow. You start taking your hobby seriously and develop your skills. You hone your craft. And even though you may not be getting paid for it. You’ve made the decision.

You are now a professional.

With this new attitude you change your outlook.  You act differently and the universe (including people) will treat you differently. You’re no longer training or dabbling, you ‘are’ already.


Saying that is hard because although I write every day, I’m not paid for it. But it doesn’t matter. Because I just turned pro!


What I learnt this week: Joni Mitchell never lies…

Hello January 2015!

Second week back at work.  Still not in the groove since the Christmas break!  Unless zombies groove…

Struggled through the work week.  Meetings in Cumbria and London.  Here, there, everywhere.  On a positive note when I was in Manchester mum greeted me with wine and cheese as soon as opened the door.  Awwww.

Because it was mum’s last weekend in the UK, we had to make the most of it.   Hopped on a plane to Copenhagen Friday afternoon.  Definitely one of the coolest cities I’ve ever visited.

Spent Saturday morning enjoying a leisurely breaky.  Then off to explore the canals in the sun.  Stopped to eat a picnic lunch in the botanical garden.  Basically wandered the city until our feet could take no more.   Went for an amazing dinner at fancy Danish restaurant called Cofoco- the food was delicious.  We even tried beetroot ice-cream!


Sunday and Monday were spent roaming the city.  Checked out the Little Mermaid (she’s really is little), the changing of the guard (we waved to Princess Mary, or her castle at least), every church and art gallery in sight.  Also devoured the world’s best chocolate cake (see little piggy above).  Packed the whole city in to 3 days and we loved it!

It will be sad to see mum go.  Having her here for a month has been like a little piece of home.  But the sad truth is nothing last forever.  Best to enjoy what you have, when you have it. Otherwise you’ll regret it when that time is gone.  Amen Joni Mitchell.