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What I learnt this week: Take time

June 2015…

Everyone is so busy these days.   We are constantly bombarded with requests- read this, watch this, click on this…The exhausting list goes on.

Sometimes I’d rather just say no to everything than yes to one more bloody thing.  However I do try to support people in my social circle.

This week a friend of friend who I met recently released a song on iTunes.  I bought it and she was so happy.  It was a small thing but she appreciated it.  I’m glad I chose something that was important and supportive.

You can’t do everything but you can do something!

It was a short week, as I only had to work 4 fun filled days at work.  Most of which I was in London for.

I also got to catch up with my good writing buddy Jo.  We had a lovely time at her place in Peckham Rye.  I love sleep overs.  You never get too old for them!

Friday I flew to Croatia with Hannah.  Yay!  We arrived in the afternoon in Split.  Headed straight into the old town for some good seafood and live music.   The next day it was time to board out yacht.  Our bloody yacht!

After quick intro’s with Hugo (our skipper) and the other seven people on board it was time to set sail on our adventure!




What I learnt this week: Crazy, Stupid, Love

June 2015…

Meeting someone new is one of the most beautiful but overwhelming times.  You’re so caught up wanting to spend all of your time getting to know them, you can become a bit of a crazy person!

Unfortunately that intensity will either fade or maybe a more sustainable relationship will develop.  You never know which way it will go…And nothing can prepare you for either option.

I bring this up because…

On Monday I went on a little date with Martin (the Frenchy I ran into the last week- Oh là là).  We headed for drinks in the Northern Quarter, then more drinks at Lola Lo.


The rest of the week I was ill (some mysterious plague), but if I wasn’t in bed I was spending time with Martin. And if I wasn’t with Martin, I was texting Martin.  Martin, Martin, Martin!  I always find it a little disconcerting how you can go from being happily single, to suddenly becoming fixated on someone so quickly!

Anyway, it was a lovely week getting to know him.  Because we’d only met briefly 2 years ago we had a whole lot of catching up to do!

My boy distraction left little time for anything else, but I did manage to get a new do. Chopped the locks off!  Also caught up with Steph for a girlie date on Sunday- saw ‘Pitch Perfect’ and slammed 71p burgers at ‘Hard Rock Café.’

Love it!

What I learnt this week: You!

June 2015…

Firstly I’d like to start this post by saying I kissed a 20 year old male model this week.  I didn’t actually know he was that young at the time, but go me for pulling off a J-Lo cougar moment.  Still got it 😉

The ridiculousness of this achievement does have a deeper point…

It was Steph’s first week working in the Manchester office, after moving from London.  We hadn’t had much time to catch up during the week, so Friday night drinks were in order.

Just a few…

It started in the Liar’s tiki club and ended up unexpectedly in another tiki bar- Lola Lo.  Where I mysteriously ran into a French fellow I’d met 2 years ago in Ax-En-Provence.

I chatted to Martin briefly, then Steph and I hit the dance floor.  And got our groove on to Beyonce.  We were surrounded by ‘beautiful people,’ still in our work clothes but we didn’t care.

I overheard 2 guys whispering about me and Steph, saying we were the best looking girls in the place.  Which was interesting, as there were loads of young hot things in the bar.  We ended up, dancing and chatting with them.

What I’m getting to is that we were just having fun- which made us more attractive than being cool standing around in a tight dress.  So go us for just being ourselves- we pulled male models (great moral to learn).

A few other noteworthy things to report this week-

  • We had ‘management’ drinks at Rosso this week.  I managed to sink some lovely g and t’s!
  • Went to see ‘Man up’ (top film)!
  • Traveled to London this week to see Peter Pan in the Park, which was amazing!  Such a beautiful night in the city


What I learnt this week: Let there be fire!

End of May 2015…

It was a bit of a come down this week after the excitement of Greece.  I still managed some really cool things though!

  • Saw ‘The Connection’ at a new arty cinema in Manchester, with Holly
  • Friday lunch burritos with Jon.  Gotta love that Friday feeling
  • Spent the weekend in the British countryside with my writing friend Jenny…

Traveled to Stratford on the Friday night.  Said hi to Shakespeare’s place, he wasn’t home unfortunately!  Saturday, up early for a big brekkie and a wander around the town.

Then it was off on our road trip.  We drove through the Cotswold’s, eating and drinking everything in sight.  Arrived out our incredible B and B.  Headed out for a lovely steak at the local pub that night.

Sunday we checked out Avebury (less touristy version of Stonehenge).  This was followed by a ploughman’s lunch.  Then drove back through the countryside.  A very British weekend- nailed!

It was a lovely weekend spent chatting with Jenny.  It’s energising spending time with someone who inspires you.  It always helps you to keep the fight for your dreams alive.

Reminds me to…

‘Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire.’