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What I learnt this week: You live, you learn!

I made it.  I’ve been writing this blog for 2 years!!!

I was worried that when I started- ‘what I learnt this week,’ I might run out of things to learn about…


I realised I’ll never stop learning (or shouldn’t at least).  Even if I think I know all I need to know things might change and I might have to re learn something I thought I already knew!

So I’ve decided the blog will live on.  The lessons will continue…

Apart from the epiphany it was a pretty huge week.  Go time!

Somehow in between working and packing up my life I managed more catch ups 🙂

Monday I had dinner with Steph at ‘Odd.’  It will be so hard not to be able to chat to her every day.    But I know she’ll always be in my life.  And we have more adventures ahead of us.

Tuesday I stayed with Claire and Barney.  She cooked up a delicious Spanish storm.  We had a wonderful time talking the night away until I couldn’t keep my sleepy little eyes open.  I’m so glad I met these guys because they show me what an awesome relationship looks like. Until I have what they have I’m happy kicking it by myself.  No more rubbish boys!

Wednesday Jon cooked me a British feast of fish & chips.  We had such a brilliant night chatting about the future and what might be next in life for each of us.  He’s such a great friend- not having him in my little world all the time will be really difficult.

Thursday there was a work leaving lunch for me.  We ate Mexican with the gang and I was given some beautiful gifts that I’ll truly treasure.  Later that night we had a 3 amigos catch up (me, Steph and Jon).  Headed for a bite and one last beer.  Then I had to say byebye to Jon, which actually was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  But I’d never tell him that…

The 3 amigos

After a hectic Friday Steph and I had a cocktail and some delicious food at the ‘Manchester Food and Wine festival.’ Headed home and watched the final ep of ‘Grace and Frankie,’ a perfect thing for two besties to watch together.

The next day I got on the plane to France.  And that was it.

I lived.  I learned.  And I will continue to do so…


What I learnt this week: Farewell friends

Start of Sep 2015…

It has really dawned on me how much it will hurt to say au revoir to all the amazing people in my life right now.

I did the only thing a girl can do in this type of situation…I dedicated the week to catch-ups:

Monday I dressed up pretty and went on one last girlie date with Ayisha at Oxo tower, at Southbank.  Having our pics taken on the deck, our dresses blew up.  I laughed, she laughed.  I will never forget her or that moment.

Tuesday I had an impromptu dinner with Jon at Jamie’s Italian.  It wasn’t the last time I’d see Jon but it’s drawing near and I know saying goodbye to him will be incredibly difficult. He was my first Manchester buddy and he always knows how to make me laugh!

Wednesday was amazing- I went up the Shard with Michelle.  We sat by the window overlooking London and sipped amazingly pricey but strong cocktails.  Which led to an incredibly classy dinner at Wasabi in Waterloo Station.  We regaled our traveling stories and made future plans.  I love knowing such a wonderful lady like her will always be in my life.

Thursday I had work drinks at Cask in Victoria.  It’s nice when you can call your work friends some of your best friends.  Libby and I sang ‘Give me a home among the gumtrees.’ I struggled to remember the words.  Must be time to go home and practice!

By Friday I was absolutely shattered.  I needed bed.  The last 2 weeks of going out in London had taken their toll!  I went to Peckam Rye and had a drink on a beautiful rooftop bar with Jo and Hammish.  It was brilliant looking out over London, chatting with them.  I wanted to stay but my body wouldn’t allow it.  I left them to enjoy the beauty of the night and I crashed for 12 hours!

My final night in London was spent with my amazing friends at Queen of Hoxton.  I looked around at the wonderful life I’d created.  There were friends from everywhere- Stu and Brendan – my first writing buddies, plus Claire as an added bonus from knowing Stu.  Shell from my fateful first job in this crazy city.  Tara, Caitlin and Charlotte from Morocco.  MC from Croatia.   Tamara, Sarah and Steph from work at Hay Group.  Holly and Michelle from Aussie.


Of course there were more awesome peeps who couldn’t make it.  But the night was brilliant.  I didn’t want it to end.  Although it had to.

The lesson from the week came from a Ben Howard song.  The only way I could get through the heartache of saying goodbye to these incredible humans was to:

Keep my head up and keep my heart strong.

Otherwise I would’ve crumbled in a sobbing mess and never have gotten back up.  Well until immigration kicked me out of the UK…

What I learnt this week: Thanks but no thanks…

End of August 2015…

I’m not usually one to follow the crowd.  I try to dance to my own beat, even if it’s a little out of time! But this week I did something I knew I wouldn’t like because everyone told me I had to do it before I left the UK!

I went to Notting Hill carnival.  Not only did I not enjoy it.  I was almost squashed to death (and no, I’m not being dramatic!).  Anyways I don’t regret it because sometimes you just have to see for yourself.

It was a super busy week in London:

  • Out for dinner on Monday night with work peeps.  Not going to lie I drank too much.  But I very much needed it after the day Fran and I had!
  • Dinner with Jon at Mavericks on Wednesday night.  Best pizza ever!  Company was alright too.
  • Steph and I had the most magical night on Thursday.  We literally just walked to Soho and ate tapas at a lovely little wine bar.  We wandered back to the hotel intoxicated by the beauty of London at night time.
  • Friday I traveled from London to Brighton.  My last UK jaunt!  Shelley arrived the next day.  We hung out, shopped, ate and took some obligatory pics on the pier. Also chatted about her visiting me in Aus! Makes it slightly easier to say bye-bye, if I know I will see her again soon 🙂
  • Back to London for Steph’s birthday drinks in Notting Hill.  Which was super fun!
  • I rounded out the week with dinner Stu and Claire. Not sure my liver can take much more…So many celebrations.  So many goodbyes.  But it all makes me realise I’ve built a wonderful life in the UK!

steph too


What I learnt this week: Write, right?

August 2015…

Writing is a huge influence in my world.  It trickles (or pours really) into my ‘real’ life on a daily basis.  I was thinking about subtext- when a character says something opposite to what they’re really feeling. Humans do that a lot!

I was staying at Jon’s whilst he was away for the weekend.  I’d had a pretty rubbish time, as I couldn’t stop thinking about leaving all my friends behind in the UK.  After he arrived home, we chatted and I was about to walk out the door when he asked if I was ok.  I said yes, that I was just tired.

It wasn’t true.  I was sad.

I did text him later and come clean about what I was feeling and his response made me happier. Laugher sometimes is the best medicine!

We are writing our lives every day.  And we can write anything.

It was a busy week!  My replacement at work arrived and the handover of my brain to Fran’s began.  That’s not something I’m sad about!  It was great getting to know Fran during a few social outings!

Also caught up with Steph- we had a lot of chatting to do, after my week away.  I couldn’t get through this leaving business without her.  I know I would’ve been a mess by now (more than I already am).

My fav event with her this week was eating her amazing moussaka. Then heading for a movie date, wearing our rain jackets, stomping through puddles in the pouring rain.  Ahh, nothing like ‘Summer’ in Manchester!


And most importantly it was Claire’s b’day this week.  Headed for dinner, drinks and laughs in the Northern Quarter.

Saying goodbye to all these amazing peeps isn’t going to be easy…