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What I learnt this week: Romania

August 2015…

This week I was lucky enough to find myself in Romania!

The main reason I went there was to visit Adina, who I’d met in 2014 during a screenwriting conference.  I’ve visited so many people who I’ve randomly met and it has always turned out incredibly well.  Which is fortunate haha!  We had such a great week and I learnt a lot from Adina.

The thing I like the most is that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and not be apologetic about it.  I have the tendency to say what I want and then feel bad about it.  I’m not sure why?

Her confidence in her own self worth was something that will always stay with me.  Being with her made me feel stronger.  I now feel less afraid to stand up and be counted!  My trip to Romania shaped my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined!

What did we actually get up to?

The first few days were spent up in the beautiful Romanian mountains.  We stayed in Hotel Dracula (of course).  Funnily enough I went to visit his coffin, and he’s still alive…How do I know this?  Because he jumped out of the casket and pinched my bum!  That guy sure does have a sense of humour…

Whilst we were in the countryside we visited one of Adina’s friends who owns an eco farm that teaches teenagers about sustainability and the environment.  There was a huge party to celebrate it being open for 15 years.  So much singing, dancing, yummy food, and even a play.  Fun!


The next few days we stayed in Adina’s home town- Sibiu.  Where her lovely mum fed me until I thought I would explode!  That’s a super cool city.  The old town was really medieval.  And there were characters on every corner.  My highlight there was a sipping cocktails at a piano bar in the Summer heat.

Our final destination was Bucharest- where Adina lives now.  We spent most of our time walking in parks, writing in bookstores and more eating!  My final night arrived and we headed to the lake, with Adina’s lovely friend Mela.  As we sat and chatted I was happy that I’d taken chance and come to visit Adina.

Always take a chance.


What I learnt this week: The Elephant Man

August 2015…

This week I was lucky enough to see Bradley Cooper star as the ‘The Elephant Man,’ in London.  I’ll be honest, I only booked a ticket because he was in it.  I actually had no idea what the play was about.

When I went to see it, I was glad I was on the 2nd level.  Had I had floor seats I may have run on stage and try to rip his clothes off.  However I managed to restrain myself and watch the performance in utter awe.

The character Bradley played (the Elephant Man) was so incredibly endearing it broke my heart.  I sat there the whole time crying with laugher or sorrow.  The Elephant Man was so afflicted but he had so much humility, warmth and depth.  He was living such an amazing life in face of adversity.

It made me think of people (including myself at times) who complain and say ‘why me’- when something shitty happens in life.  He never did that and instead made the most of every moment.  He wasn’t cruel to others even though they were cruel to him.  He wouldn’t complain, although he seemed to have valid reasons to.  He didn’t question his fate, he just got on with living the best way he knew how.

It was so beautiful and it made me appreciate all the wonderful things in my life.

Clearly that was one of the highlights of my week in London!  I also caught up with Indu for dinner and drinks on Tuesday night.  It was so great to see her, as it’s been a while!  And I managed a girl’s night at Bunga Bunga in Battersea.  Where there was lots of dancing, singing and endless Prosecco.  It’s always good to get the girls together!


Actually another highlight this week was getting on my flight to Romania where I sat between two of the band members from ‘Foals.’  I even spoke to one of them.  I’m no longer the shy girl that came across to the UK…





What I learnt this week: Lost in translation

Last week of July 2015…

People can very much surprise you.  The amount of times when I thought I had people worked out only to be proven wrong blows my mind.  Sometimes that friend will disappoint you or a near stranger may help you in an unexpected way.

That’s life.

And you definitely can’t just take people as you see them.  Judging a book by its cover can be very limiting.  This lesson was brought on when Tom came to visit Manchester.  We went out for some drinks and as we chatted I realised he definitely wasn’t the person I thought he was.  Not in a bad way, just different to what I expected.

He also surprised me when he mentioned a message that I’d sent, which he said seemed cold.  I thought I was being friendly!  And that’s the danger of taking social media at face value!

It was a hectic week- busy at work, packing up my life from the last 2 years and some social business.

On Wednesday I needed time out.  So Steph came over and cooked me dinner whilst I packed.  We were very ‘Sex and the City’- drinking Prosecco.  (If you’ve seen the film, you’ll know what I mean).

Friday night- Jill, Steph and I went to ‘Crazy Wendy’s’ for some crazy karaoke, (I sang Spice Girls and I’m sure it was brilliant…).  What a great way to end my time in West Didsbury!


What I learnt this week: Roads

End of July 2015…

The time has come to start packing up my life in the UK.  Getting rid of stuff is very cathartic.  It makes you realise that you can collect a lot of crap you don’t need. (And by ‘crap’ I mean tones of clothes from charity shops.  Arg, someone stop me).

So anyway back to packing…

I’m the type of girl that loves decorating her room with quotes and pics that inspire me. And I had to begin taking all those things down (sorry about the blu tack marks Mr landlord).  Any who, one of my absolute fav quotes is from Dolly Parton- ‘If you don’t like the road you are walking, start paving a new one.’


It was a relatively quiet week.  Got my hair done.  Being an honorary ranga equals some long hours at the hairdresser!  But it means I get to catch up with Clare, which is always nice 🙂

Also checked out ‘True story’ with Steph.  Killer film (literally).  James Franco was so scary, I don’t think I’ll be able to marry him anymore.

My fav event this week was my Manchester leaving do.  A few of us from work headed to the ‘Beef and Pudding’ for dinner.  Then me, Claire, Barney, Steph, Jon and Felix hip hopped the night away at ‘El Capo.’  It was ‘El Funo.’

The leaving celebrations have begun.  The end is night…(so dramatic)