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What I learnt this week: Age of Innocence

It was a very unexpected and exciting week!

I found myself back at Alpha Shows. Jacqui called me in to play Maleficent, as one of the other actors had to leave all of a sudden. So I had to find out if I could remember my lines from a few years ago and jump straight into performances…

Turns out I could remember.  Hooray! Just had to relearn a couple of dances and throw in a sword fight and Bob’s your uncle, (well actually Bill is).  Anywho, it all came flooding back, (after a slightly nerve racking first show).

It was awesome to be on tour again. I’d missed the Alpha gang.  I’d missed acting.  And I missed seeing the little kiddies faces light up as they watch us on stage.  They all sit there so in moment. No future, no past.

That age is so wonderful- everything is ahead of you. You don’t know that the world can sometimes be a really scary place. You are full of wonder. That sense of ‘awe’ flooded back  to me this week.

It’s so important as an adult to keep your heart open to possibility. To search for wonder in your days. To believe that there’s always beauty in the world.  To remember that little kid inside.

With back to back shows it only left a smidge of time for other happenings. Worked my first solo shift at the gym.  I totally love the job and the bonus is since I’m already at there I figure I may as well pump some iron (or just ride a bike more like it, hehe).

Also managed a bit of socialising- headed to a basketball game with Hannah on Friday night.  She’s currently casting for bachelors (yes- she’s paid to approach potential guys for the show). Hence the basketball game.  So my hand was straight up to  go along for that ride.

Haha, what fun! Bachelor hunting. I love my life.


What I learnt this week: Only LOVE

I was cleaning out my office space this week and I came across a journal I’d written after I walked the Camino. One of the pearls of wisdom I’d gleaned from the experience was; ‘Love- it’s the most important thing you can do.’

This idea stuck in my head when I heard about the terrorists attacks in France. Horrific violence completely overwhelms me.   And I wonder how humans can do that to one another. The only way I can get through the helplessness is by trying to be more loving in my life.

At the end of the day we all have to live on this earth, why not make it a better place for those around us?  Love is the answer not hate.  Terrorists can’t win if we live with love in our hearts.

On a brighter note I started a new job this week. I’m employed again after 2 months!  Yay! Best of all I love my job working  part-time at a local gym. Now I’ll have time for my writing too.  No more of this full-time work business!

Also went to see Mumford & Sons with mum on Thursday night.   It was an early Chrissy present 🙂 They were incredibly inspiring.

Mum 2

The inspiration helped spur me on the next day when I put the finishing touches on my long list script application for Film Vic. It was amazing to push that send button! And I decided to take the next day off and head to Hanging Rock with mum. Wow- it’s beautiful but eerie out there…

Rock 2


What I learnt this week: Speak now

This week was lovely, as it mostly consisted of writing and socialising. (Plus a little bit of life admin- trying to solve the tiny situation of not having a job).

Checked out ‘The Dressmaker,’ with mum. We laughed and cried and laughed some more. Then on Thursday I was lucky enough to go to a Q & A, where I met the writer, director and producer of the film.

They were all women, which is extremely rare in Australia (and the world- scarily enough). The film has done incredibly well at the box office, which is even rarer for an Aussie film. And no, it’s not just amazing because the incredibly dreamy Liam Hemsworth takes his shirt off in it.  Although that doesn’t hurt…

Anyway, let’s not get side-tracked on that image or I’ll never finish this post! On one of my writing days mum came home and was carrying a bunch of groceries. She said it’s amazing how you can just get used to carrying a heavy load.

It made me think of how we can lug emotional baggage around. And it may not seem heavy at first but it will eventually weigh us down.

It’s best to talk about things, so the weight can literally be lifted off our shoulders. Because we don’t always need answers, sometimes we just need a friend to share the load with.

And it’s ok to let them help us- that’s what friends are for.

Friends are also for celebrating with! Friday night I headed out for champers with Hannah, as I made the long list for a screenwriting mentorship with Film Victoria. Then I continued partying with Nicole M for her birthday. We danced the night away at Public Bar (with kids I swear were under age…I couldn’t possibly be getting older)!

The rest of the weekend was frivolously delicious- I went to food festival with Jess N on Saturday night. And caught up with my cousin Will and his mum- Janette in Geelong on Sunday. We ate lunch on the beach and strolled around the botanical gardens.  It was just delightful.

Actually, I don’t think I have time to get a job. Unless someone wants to pay me to socialise???


What I learnt this week: No laughing matter…

This week I read Drew Barrymore’s sort of memoir- ‘Wildflower.’   I’ve always respected Drew. To go from being a drug addict at age 11 to producing amazing films and creating a beautiful family just shows that no matter what happens you can change your life.

There’s a section in the book where she refers to ‘Sullivan’s Travels.’ In this film a director makes a picture about social economic disaster during The Great Depression. However the audience doesn’t like the film, they don’t want reality, they want to laugh!

Sometimes too much darkness is just too hard to take.  Everyone needs to laugh and see the light occasionally.  Otherwise life becomes too unbearable.

The whole turning on the lights concept has been important to me since I was 16. That was when I stood on stage for the first time and made people laugh. I realised I wanted to do that for the rest of my life. But sometimes when I see others struggling through terrible ordeals I think comedy is a waste of time…

However if I can offer a little ray of sunshine for someone so they can smile through their tears, then sharing my work is truly important.

This week I got plenty of sunshine, as I was in Hervey Bay visiting my dad! It had been 2 years, so it was great to see him. I spent the days swimming at the beach, writing, watching comedies, eating yummy foods and drinking too many beers with dad and his partner Karen.  I even caught up with an old school buddy Danielle who I haven’t seen in years. Ahhh, memory lane 🙂

My little vacation culminated in a Halloween Party on the Saturday night at the neighbours- Danny and Josie’s. It was a wicked (haha, get it). I chatted to Danny’s daughter- Carissa who’s looking to start a blog. I gave her the best advice I could- just do it. Because you never know who you could help/inspire out there in the world.


Funnily enough as I was writing this post, I realised I was listening to ‘Lover of the Light’ by Mumford and Sons.


(And very profound)