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What I learnt this week: You will never be enough…

You will never be pretty enough

You will never be smart enough

You will never be fit enough

You will never be funny enough

You will never be successful enough

You will never be talented enough

You will never be courageous enough

You will never be (insert any number of things here)…

This is what you tell yourself.

This is what we all tell ourselves. We truly believe that we will never be enough. Well, until we accomplish ‘that goal’- then we will be enough. That will make us feel better!

Sorry, but that’s not how us complicated human beings work. I can tell you first hand after anything I’ve ever achieved, I’ve still found myself lacking in some way. I’ve searched to fill that ‘enough’ hole right up.

BUT I don’t want to feel that I’m NEVER enough. Who dang well does?

So, can we change this concept that we have of ourselves? Can we believe we are already enough?

This week I gave it my best shot…

I was preparing to shoot the first episode of my web series with my gal pal Jacqui D.  We had spent the last 6 months developing the concept.  And the script had been checked throughly by our writing buddies.  It was as good as it could be BUT I was still feeling that we were’t ready to shoot.

I still felt ‘not enough.’

The thing is, I realised I’d  probably always feel this to some extent.  So, I decided it was time to change the ‘not enough’ record in the old brain.  We got the script shot and it was a wonderful creative experience.

I couldn’t wait until I was 100% ready, or funnier, or more confident or blah, blah, blah.  I just had to go on and do it regardless of how I felt.  And I’m so happy I did because achieving that is enough for me right now 🙂


I’ll tell you one thing, before the shoot me and Jac, sure did eat ‘enough!’




What I learnt this week: Self-compassion

Soooooo, I was catching up with a good friend and I noticed something as we chatted.  She kept putting herself down, saying things like- ‘stupid this’ and ‘I should’ve done that.’ It was horrible but I tried to be understanding and tell her everything was ok.

The reason I hated it, is because I care about this friend and don’t like to see her beat herself up. To me she is a wonderful, loving, straight-up awesome chick. But I don’t think she always sees that!

It’s funny though because once I noticed she did this- I caught myself being constantly critical. I didn’t even realise it until I saw someone else doing it! And I’m pretty sure most people don’t think I’m an idiot, so why would I tell myself that?

Life can be tough enough- we don’t need to be our own worst enemy. Probably better to be our own best friend. Treat ourselves as we would a mate and try to give ourselves what we need in the moment.

Whatever that may be…

This week I needed time out  to do fun stuff and so I bloody did.  Because all work and no play makes Sally a very dull girl.  And having time to really look around Melbourne with friends and family is great.  Because you know what- Melbourne is bloody GREAT!

However after all the eating and drinking, I need a detox.  Bring on dry July!


Me and dad at NGV