Monthly Archives: January 2017

What I learnt this week: Dreaming…

I had a dream.  Not a Martin Luther moment.  It was a real dream…

I travelling on a train without a ticket.  Which already stressed me out, as I’ve never gone without one, (being the goody two shoes I am).  Any who, an inspector suddenly got on.  So, I thought I’d be up front and tell him straight away I didn’t have a ticket.  But instead of him thinking I was a great citizen for coming clean he yelled at me to sit down and wait.    

But I couldn’t.

The train door opened and I bolted.  Fast as I could.  I got away only to be followed by 2 friends who told me they got kicked off the train and fined because of me…even though they had tickets!  Where is the justice I ask you???  In my dream land I felt terrible.  

After I woke up I looked at what was happening in my life.  I realised it was a sign that instead of reacting quickly and potentially f*cking things up for myself, I should take a second to be patient.  Think before I act.  Then I’d probably react differently.  Hey, I might not but it’s worth a shot. 

Funnily enough I’m reading Anna Kendrick’s book- Scrappy little Nobody atm.  That girl has really grown on me (not literally).  Anyway…she has a ‘sleep on it’ rule.’ No decision until the next day.  Seems like a good concept.  No overacting until the next day at least!  Or maybe just no overacting.  

Now there’s a concept!

What I learnt this week: No more!

That New Years resolution. That thing you think you really want to do. Sorry to say- you will fail to achieve it. Most of us do. I mean we like the idea of it. It makes us feel hopeful for the year ahead. A fresh start. A brand new ‘us.’ But we just don’t seem to care enough…

So what happens when we don’t follow through? We feel bad for a while but life gets busy, we get over it. Humans- fickle, aren’t we? But what if that ‘thing’ you really wanted was something you’ve been wanting for a while? And what if you never did it? What would that look like? Kinda bleak, right?

Well then, what if you could make that ‘thing’ happen? You’d want that wouldn’t you? I know I would. The secret is…YOU CAN DO IT. (PS there’s no secret here about manifesting any bullsh*t). That thing that you don’t think you can do. You most definitely can. BUT you have to start here and now. Today. Not tomorrow. No planning to do it.  No more excuses.

You just f*cking do it.

It’s as easy as it is hard to say- no more bad relationships, no more sitting on the couch, no more beer o’clock. I will no longer be the person that let’s little things slide. I say NO today! This year I do what I say!

Start the year by being who you want to be today.

For me this means doing more stuff in the moment. Being present and appreciating where I find myself- not wishing I was somewhere else. This might sound airy-fairy but I look back at 2016 and wonder where it went.  So, I want to enjoy my life whilst I can. Take opportunities. Take chances.  Really live (more than I ever have).

With this in mind I found 2017 started at 4.30am when I got up to swim with dolphins in the South Island of New Zealand. And from that point on I had one of the best days of my life! (Could it have been my reward for seizing the day- ((who knows))?

After the amazing dolphin adventure in the crystal clear waters of Kaikoura I went for an epic cliff walk with Jo and Hamish, (awesome NZ peeps) in the sunshine. We frolicked with seals and birds along the way. Ate lunch at our campsite overlooking an incredible mountain, followed that with a siesta under the shade of a willow tree. Then sipped rum (like the pirate I am) and chatted about our travels around the world.

But wait there’s more! We cooked a delicious dinner of steak and salad, only to be given a lobster from the campers beside us! Ended the day with a cuppa tea, watched the moon and stars surrounding us and felt pretty freakin’ lucky.

My words will never do this day justice. And I know not every day will be as good as this one. But regardless I’ve made my commitment to 2017- each day is mine to grab hold of.   To see opportunities that I didn’t think existed and just do it.

What will you do in 2017?