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What I learnt this week: Fearless

So my journey into 13 different worlds at the Melbourne International Film Festival is over.  It was heart breaking, uplifting and eye opening.  I loved it.  And funnily enough there was a very strong theme in all of the films I chose…

Every character had a sense of fearlessness.  Whether it was a woman with an intellectual disability who was beginning her first relationship at 50 OR a man traveling with a an elephant across Thailand by foot, in an attempt to get him back to his home OR a group of black, underprivileged teenage girls aspiring to college whilst working in a creative dance team- they were all fierce.

Some were fictional characters and some were real.  My favourite was a young Pakistani girl called Marie who played squash internationally, in spite of death threats from the Taliban (a true story).  She wasn’t willing to give up her dream for those who threatened it.

In fact Marie summed it up perfectly in one line when she said- ‘We are born fearless.  Fear can only be learnt.’

It’s so very true.

As an adult almost anything can be scary- if we let our fear get the better of us.  We must dig deep and see where we might be holding ourselves back.  As we need to be constantly reminded to get out of our comfort zone.  To be challenged.

I remember before I walked the Spanish Camino in 2013  I thought I was adventurous.  However I really wasn’t living my life adventurously.  I was scared and safe in my little routine.  But after that 600km  walk I had the courage to move my life to the UK where I only knew 1 person!  In 2 years I traveled to 16 countries, made new friends and built a life for myself.  I came back  to Australia fearless.

However that type of feeling can fade and you need to seek out challenges, otherwise you don’t grow as a human.  These challenges will be different for everyone- marriage, jobs, traveling.  You just gotta shake that fear by doing the thing that scares you.

You can do it.  Be fearless.  It’s how you were born.

What I learnt this week: Outrageous

I’m in the middle of attending a bunch of films at the Melbourne International Film Festival. And I’m in heaven. Seeing things from around the world opens your eyes to different cultures. And you realise how good we have it here in Australia.

We have everything a human could EVER need. Of course nothing will ever be perfect but we generally have the freedom to do as we please. And that can most definitely be taken for granted.

I know I can be complacent and complain. We all can. It’s called being entitled and it’s bullsh*t.  Of course there are things in life worth complaining about. Worth standing up for. I’m not saying we all lay down and be door mats when something is wrong.

What I’m saying is this…

  • If you turn up to your sushi place for lunch at 11am and they haven’t finished making the brown rice rolls you want- don’t moan about it. Get the white ones. You won’t die.
  • If someone asks politely for your to move your bag off a seat on a peak hour train so that they can sit down, there’s no need to get huffy.  You’re bag isn’t alive.  It doesn’t need a seat all to itself.
  • If your work place only offers full cream, low fat and soy milk don’t be pissed off that almond milk isn’t available.  You’ve got milk.  Drink it.

Another reason not to complain about inane crap is- NOBODY cares. Even if they pretend to. They don’t. All you’ll do is lose friends.  And alienate people.  Talk to your friends when you have a legitimate issue. They’ll be sympathetic and want to help.  After all that’s what friends are for!

We live in an amazing country. Let’s appreciate it. No- we can’t forget our rights. But our right is not to be outraged if our Wi-Fi is playing up. Outrage only when necessary. Please.