What I learnt this week: A waste of time?

A work colleague asked me about my relationship status the other day.  It’s a question I really hate because if you don’t have a specific answer like ‘yes I have a boyfriend or husband,’ it just gets complicated!  So I found myself justifying my current situation…

It went something like this- after my ex unexpectedly left a year ago I hadn’t dated anyone.  I didn’t plan it that way, it just happened.  I made myself busy and didn’t have time to think about the fact I was ‘alone.’  (Which btw is totally fine).

Then all of a sudden I met someone interesting- a Swedish traveler.  We started hanging out.  At first it just made me sad, as I missed my ex.  However I had an ‘aha’ moment and realised I had a lovely Swedish guy in front of me.  So I thought- ‘how about enjoying that!?'(Seems obvious now haha).

I didn’t put pressure on us being anything more than friends.  What we would be didn’t matter.  We had fun together and that’s what mattered.  We explored Melbourne- comedy nights, drunk mini golf, rooftop bars.  I was living it up and enjoying myself again!

However my colleague didn’t understand this.  And responded with- ‘don’t you think you’re wasting your time?’

Ummmmm- NO!  It would be crazy to believe that just because a relationship doesn’t end in marriage then I’m wasting my time.  That would mean I’d also wasted my time with my ex (and every guy before that).   Which I don’t believe!

When I’ve been in relationships of course I hoped they’d last but they didn’t.  Because no matter how much we care about someone it doesn’t mean it will work out.  The answer to me then is to simply enjoy who you find yourself with, for as long as you can.  Whatever happens, happens.

Right now I’m happy.  And if it seems to others that I’m wasting my time with someone who will eventually leave Australia, then so be it.  I’ll continue to waste my time because it doesn’t feel like a waste of time to me!

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