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What I learnt this week: A little respect

Because I chose to pursue a career in the creative industries I’ve spent a lot of in-between time doing jobs I don’t necessarily find…let’s say- mentally stimulating. BUT I’m grateful for those jobs and the fact that I can fall back into them when I need to.

I recently finished a 7-month contract at the ABC. Which was right up my alley as far as industry stuff goes. Alas, my contract finished. So I went back to my previous hospo job.

And the funny thing is even though I’m not challenged in the position, I enjoy the simplicity of it. You can actually feel a sense of accomplishment when you are getting sh*t done. It’s easy and the days fly by.

It also helps to work with cool people! I was chatting to one of the gals and she mentioned going back to uni to get a degree, so she could be respected.  As she feels she isn’t respected in her current position.

Hmmmm, I thought.  Do people not respect me because I’m back working in the service industry?  Possibly.

Then I thought there’s people that occasionally disrespect my mum AND she’s a teacher. Bringing up the youth of tomorrow! She has a degree and has been in the job for many years. (I won’t reveal how many- she reads this blog).

The point is the anyone who doesn’t respect me probably doesn’t respect loads of people in different jobs. And hey- that’s on them. Not me. I’m the one that has to be ok with my life choices.

We spend far too much time worrying about what people think of us. And just because you have a certain type of job doesn’t make you a better human. What makes you a good human is being a good human.

So I may not be working in the most glamorous job atm but that’s ok. I have the brain capacity to sit down and write after a day at work. Which is what I’m looking for.

Plus- I respect myself and really that’s all that matters!

What I learnt this week: Meet up?

joined ‘Meet Up’ this week as a way to meet new people. And possibly new guys. I can’t handle Tinder or Bumble or any other ridiculously superficial dating app. But I also can’t handle being a nun. 

So I  signed up to loads of groups that interested me. Even weird and wacky stuff like ‘laughing yoga.’ Then it came to choosing a profile pic.  I wanted it to be a true representation. Not me all glammed up.  The photo I used was a selfie of me making a funny face somewhere on the Camino I walked last year. I look sweaty but happy, (see below).

Anyway, pleased with myself for getting out there I switched my phone off and fell asleep.   I woke up to messages from ‘Meet Up,’ welcoming me.   Which was great. Cool things for me to do! But then there was a message from a guy who seems to be using the app like Tinder. NONONONONO.  Exactly what I didn’t want.  Side note- what he wrote was flattering- that I was gorgeous and he’d love to meet up. Nice, right?

It is nice. BUT this is the whole thing I was trying to get away from- looking at someones outside appearance without knowing anything about them and deciding ‘yep, I’d like to date them.’   I could be a complete psychopath. (I’m generally not. But…) Just because I look a certain way doesn’t mean sh*t. And this is the whole damn problem with all these dating apps. 

We look at a photo and think- ‘owww, they look nice. They must be nice.’ It’s unrealistic and downright scary. I wanted to use ‘Meet Up’ as a way of meeting people whilst doing something of interest. Not just meeting someone because I like the way they look.

It’s a slippery slope we are on with this dating app thing. Call me old fashioned but I’m staying out of it. If I can’t meet a human without swiping them- then so be it.  I’m going to be out in the real world meeting people. And wherever that leads is fine by me.

What Sally learnt this week: FUN!

I’m a big fan of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’  And when I watched the 2nd instalment I fell in love with Baby Groot.  Now, I know that’s weird but his character made me so happy.  And I haven’t been able to stop watching his little dancing clips on You Tube.  I’ve basically become obsessed…

I had to ask myself why?  I mean he’s a cartoon character!!!  Anyway I came to the conclusion that he makes me smile.  I watch him being all cute and can’t help but be happy.  He represents childhood fun and complete abandon.  And that’s such a beautiful quality.

Having fun is something us adults don’t seem to do now we’re all grown up!

However after last weekend I’m able to say I had the most fun I’ve had in a long time.  Myself and bunch of girlfriends went out to celebrate my birthday.  As we sat eating our dumplings and sipping our sparkles we remarked how we couldn’t even remember the last time we got dressed up!  Let alone go out to dance the night away!

And dance we did.  After dinner we headed to a music party filled with old school hits from our teenage years.  For 4 hours straight we danced and laughed like nobody was watching.  It was pure fun.  And was one of the best nights of my life.  There’s nothing more uplifting than being surrounded by friends and enjoying the hell out the moment.

Fun is something we could all use a little more of- whether it’s laughing at silly You Tube clips, dancing like crazy or pulling a practical joke- we need more of it.  There are so many serious things to think about (and yes we need to face those things) BUT it doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh along the way 🙂

What I learnt this week: Year 33

I turned 33 on May the 4th.  Yes, I’m a proud member of Star Wars Day- ‘May the 4th be with you.’  Anyway…before every birthday I get very contemplatey.  (If Fake News gets to be a word, so does this).

Things are happening in my writing career.  Not because they just happened.  Because I worked extremely hard to make them happen.  But they are small things which seem bigger than they are.  At the same time they’re big because they took so much to bring to life.   I’m proud of myself for making them happen.  I’ve earned them.  And I wanted to share those good things with someone…

When I realised I didn’t have a ‘someone.’  It made me sad.  Really sad.  And my brain started working overtime- maybe I’ll never have a ‘someone’ to share things with?  As I wallowed in my self-pity, I decided to give up.  Because what’s the point in working so hard and not having someone to share your wins with?

Oh yes, a raging, dark cyclone threatened to unleash a full scale apocalypse inside my head.  Until…

I got on to Facebook and checked out the upcoming birthday celebrations I’d planned with my girlfriends. (That’s what everyone turns to when they’re sliding into deep despair don’t they- FB)?  Anywho, I looked at my friends that were coming.   Really looked at them.  Not in a stalky way.  In awe.  I know they’ve each been tested in ways that have almost broken them.  But they survived.  They’re all strong and fierce in their own way.

And I’m so lucky they came into my life.  Because for this reason I’m never alone.   I never could be.  My girls have always looked after me- when I fell over too drunk to twerk to Beyonce, when I cried so hard my face was uglier than Claire Danes in any episode of Homeland EVER and when I was so hangry I almost beat up a mouthy jerk at a music festival.  Whether I was right or wrong they were there.  Always.

 We are never alone.  There’s more love in our lives than we think.  There may not be a ‘someone’ but there are always people that care.  We are made stronger by these people.  These friends will always be there, when the ‘someones’ aren’t.  But we have to take care of them, like they take care of us.

Finally…Writing this post was hard.  Being honest about not feeling so good is hard.  But realising you have more than you think you do is a good feeling.  And so is being truthful.  Because I feel like if I can’t be honest at 33, I never will be!