What I learnt this week: Good advice

I find it very easy to give advice.  Most of the time I believe it to be relatively helpful, (well I hope it is)…

BUT taking my own advice.  That’s another story!

I’m going to tell you a tale about a close friend. I won’t reveal her name.  As it’s not my love life to blab about, (my love life is simple, I don’t have one).

My friend- let’s call her Mary, was having a really shitty time with guys.  She kept getting stood up, lied to and manipulated.  I asked her where she was meeting these guys.  I think you’ll find the answer no surprise- Tinder.

Now, people swear to me they know couples who met on this app and are happy.  Yes, and I believe in Santa Claus too.  To me Tinder is a lazy, superficial pick up tool.  I suggested to Mary that she delete the app and take a break from guys.  Amazingly she listened to me and did!  It felt great that I was able to help her.

BUT- could I help myself?

I have installed Tinder on my phone on and off.  And the morning Mary told me she deleted the app I had got a msg from a Tom asking how I was.  Lo and behold I got excited.  WTF?

Here I was telling Mary there are only waste men on Tinder and I got excited by the prospect of this guy.  Really, could I have been more desperate?  Oh, I mean more hopeful that he could be the love of my life…

He wasn’t, he was a dick- which I don’t need to go in to.  Annoyed with myself, I finally took my own advice and deleted the app.  See ya later- no shirt guys, stupid lame take a photo in front of the mirror selfie guys, can’t even see you through your grainy pic guys, and weird cartoon version of yourself guys.  You have been thrown in the bin.

It might have taken a bit but I did take my own advice.  It wasn’t easy though.

I wonder why it’s so simple to offer advice to others but not take it for ourselves?  I guess sometimes it’s hard to do what’s right when we have an easier option in front of us.  A good example of this- me finally taking a proper break from alcohol.  It was far easier to dull the negative feelings I was feeling, rather than deal with them.  Now I have to face them head on and it has made me stronger!  (Not physically, but I could definitely bench press with my heart now- that bad boy is strong)!

What did I get up to this week?  Well, it was a busy one!  My mate Craig was over from Sweden on Wednesday.  And we all went out for Ellie’s birthday- Mexican around the corner.  Rubbish food.  Good company.

Thursday night was a work pool tournament at divey sports bar in Victoria.  Chatted to Holly and Andrea- who make up the majority of the girls in the project team I’m working with atm.  It was fun but I decided to go home and cook.  How strangely domestic of me.  To be honest it was hard because they were drinking, and I wasn’t, so I turned to food…

I also joined my local gym this week.  Went to boot camp on Saturday and even made a new friend- Arty.  I think that’s the coolest name.  Gym buddies forever!

Spent the rest of Saturday getting ready for our Party at Park View!  It was fun, we all had friends come over for a BBQ in the back yard.  We even hung fairy lights in the trees!  Went out in Acton to the Aeronaut for a boogy after that.


Next day it was off to Manchester for work.  Caught up with Holly again.  And we may have gone shopping at he biggest vintage store I’ve ever seen.  Back to the hotel to chill.  Then Mike and Stefan arrived.  We went out for dinner- Mexican!  (No, it’s not the only food I eat, I swear).  What a great way to finish the week!


Funniest moment:

  • Stefan and Mike were teasing me because I wasn’t drinking.  I decided to tell them a few stories about my recent drinking escapades.  The look on Mike’s face was priceless.  He now understands why I needed a break…

What I did that scared me:

  • Helped start the dance floor at Aeronaut without Dutch courage coursing through my veins!


  • Jess joining me on 100 days sober pledge!
  • Started meditating again (that shit is challenging)
  • Staying in on Friday night and watching season 2 of ‘Girls’


  • Missing zoo lates because I was just too wrecked to go out again…
  • Lists- I’m tired of them.  If I write another to do for myself my head will explode!
  • Mecure Manchester- I could have chosen a better hotel

What I learnt:

  • It’s good to give advice but don’t forget to take it as well!

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