What I learnt this week: A powerful chapter

Woah Nelly, what a week!!! (Still a tad behind on the blog).

Started my new job.  I’m so incredibly happy!

Was thrown into the deep end- started with a 6-hour meeting on my first day.  Met the project team.  Good mix of girls, guys and ages, even includes 3 Aussies.  Everyone is so switched on, friendly and supportive.

The whole week flew by.  It was busy learning, completing inductions and meeting new people at Hay Group.  I love my desk, I love walking to Hyde Park on my lunch break and I love the fact that Mike the Project Manager uses words like ‘delightful.’

On the social front things were hectic too- I caught 3 gigs!

Wednesday night- ‘The Naked and Famous’ at Sheppards Bush O2, with Zoe and Rochelle.  Had a wicked night singing and dancing.  No drinking, which was weird at first but once I let go and realised everyone else was drunk it didn’t really matter what I did!  I even plucked up the courage to talk to some cute boys 🙂


Thursday night was the Summertime Series in Hyde Park with Martine and Jess.  ‘Arcade Fire’ and ‘Jake Bug.’  Such a beautiful evening chilling, singing and dancing again.  Watching drunk people interact is a very eye opening experience!


3rd gig was probably the most amazing.  Back to Hyde Park on the Sunday to see ‘BACKSTREET BOYS.’  OMG!  I screamed like a 15-year-old girl.  I was so excited.  They were one of the first CD’s I ever bought.  Now we barely have CD’s lol!


Friday night was great; it had been a big day at work.  Met Nichole for a wander through Hyde park.  We sat and chatted, catching up on each others adventures.  It was a beautiful evening, as you can see below 🙂


Then I headed to Clapham for the first time- for Camilla’s Birthday.  Fun and Lebanese food- yum.


I was so exhausted by the weekend.  I needed sleep desperately!

On Saturday I saw ‘Chef,’ which I really enjoyed but made me so hungry, needed food after that!  Caught up on writing, exercise, friends and life admin for the rest of the weekend.

My theme this week relates to the power of connections.

I eventually got the job at Hay Group because I was the right person for it but it was through a connection.  Libby, whom I met through another friend in Melbourne- the infamous Daniel C.  He once was one of my loves, but we’re now just good friends.

He told me about Libby before I moved over to London.   9 months later I work with her.  The world is small.

I actually learnt where the term 6 degrees of separation comes from this week.  You should google it, as it’s a really interesting experiment.  I read about it in ‘The Tipping Point’ by Malcolm Gladwell.

It’s all about how ideas/concepts reach a point and then they suddenly explode.  He talks about how word of mouth works- partly through people he calls ‘connectors.’  These are people who have lots of connections and can help you out.  Dan is one of those people.  He knows so many people and he will always put you in touch with someone who can help you.

This idea of word of mouth/tipping point was also touched on in ‘Chef’.  Twitter is huge part of the story.  The power of social media is absolutely incredible these days.  And when used for good is good.

Through friends, acquaintances and/or social media, we can all be connected.  If we want to be…

Funniest moment:

  • Watching Zoe drunkenly feed Rochelle Macca’s like a mamma bird on the way home from gig number 1.

What I did that scared me:

  • Started a new job!


  • Meeting the project team
  • Singing Backstreet’s Back with the band
  • Taking time off for myself on Saturday


  • Absolutely exhausted
  • A little too much info overload
  • Rain on Saturday (it’s been beautiful all week)

What I learnt:

  • We are not just lonely beasts roaming the planet.  We are or can be all connected.


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