What I learnt this week: 2016, oh what a year…

After an extremely challenging year I was left wondering why life does what it does. Sometimes it seems incredibly unfair and overwhelmingly insurmountable. You can feel so isolated in your pain and wonder why you. But why not you?

The thing is everyone suffers in life. And one of the biggest realisations I had was that life is fair in its unfairness. It doesn’t care if you are rich, poor, black, white, male or female. It doesn’t discriminate. It will deliver what it has in store for you without apology.

As humans we all experience the highs and lows of life. We are not unique in being dealt pain. But what is unique to our experience is how we react to it. How we learn to deal or not to deal.

We all have our own way of coping. For me I had to let go of what I thought should have happened and focus on what was happening in the now. Getting stuck in the WHY is not the place to be. But it’s HOW you cope next.

Because it’s just too darn hard to wonder why something happened. You can’t even deal with that- it doesn’t exist! What does is exist is the pain. And that is something you choose how to handle. And you choose your way. And each time you deal with pain you might do it differently. You might not.

It’s you that creates the person you want to be by what you choose. You can’t and never will be able to control what happens in your life. You only get to decide what happens after life has let the cards fall. Our choices are what define us. They show the character we truly are or want to be.

I’m proud of how I navigated this year of challenges. I’m not sure if I handled them the right way. But I know I’m here. And I’m stronger and more capable to deal with whatever life throws at me next. I did the best I could at the time. And that is all anyone can do.

I go into 2017 with my eyes and heart a little more open. I will make mistakes. I will fall and fail. But most importantly I won’t stop learning.



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