What I learnt this week: Are we who we are?

Human beings are very tricky things.  I’ve read a few articles lately that dispel some myths I’d once believed.  We seem to like to categorise ourselves- ‘I’ do this, ‘I’ wouldn’t do that.  But when you find yourself in a certain situation maybe you’d do something completely different!

My brother posted an article about two serial killers who happen to be part of a somewhat successful death metal band.  The article posed the question ‘was it ok to like the music even if these guys are horrify humans?’  It was a fascinating read and I’m not sure there was a clear answer (or if there could be).  But one of the points was- maybe these guys are decent people usually but have done very bad things…?

Makes me think of a writing trick I was taught when developing antagonists.  These characters may be rotten but they can have vulnerabilities which make them human.  For example even though they’re a psychopath maybe they love reading to the blind.  Weird but it’s a way to add dimensions and give your character layers.

Real life is never really as black and white as we believe.  It’s not a cartoon where the villain is bad and only wants destruction.  Humans are a little more complex.

With this is mind it’s interesting to start to think about situations where you have reacted in a different way than you thought you would.  It’s hard to work in absolutes.  Because when pushed we may react very differently to the person we thought we were.  You can’t just put yourself in a box and be that’s me, that’s how I’d react to any given situation. Maybe, maybe not.

Anywho what did I get up to this week?  Was in Manchester Monday and Tuesday working.  I like that office, it’s a bit more relaxed than London.  Busy days.

Went to a tapas bar on the Monday night, chilled and chatted to the friendly staff there.  Back to my hotel for a bath and relax.  I love the freedom of being in a hotel room alone.  It’s a perfect space.

Tuesday night it was back to hectic London.  Went to ‘Cabana’ for dinner with Zoe and then to see the musical version of ‘Once.’  I totally loved it, thought it was a beautiful story about life going in unexpected directions- if you let it.  Also ran into Libby B from Aus who I acted with a couple of times, craziness!

Thursday was our monthly work drinks, although of course none for me.  And I was going to head home early but I have decided I’m tired of following all my set plans.  So I decided to be spontaneous and went with the business support girls to the ‘Phoenix’ bar.

We had a ball, chatting and laughing.   Then me, Roisin and Steph continued the spontaneity and headed for Mexican food (big surprise there).  Where we were greeted with Tequila and Sombreros.  I declined my tequila stating I was pregnant, it was just easier than explaining I’m on a journey into self discovery and  I had to go off booze!  It got awkward when he asked how far along I was…


Great chats with the girls and good (well ok) food.  I’m picky with my Mexican, as you know I eat it all the time!  Roison even said I had inspired her to make changes in her life because of the stories I told about my travel/writing etc etc.  I was so happy.  Had I not been spontaneous the amazinginess never would have occurred.  Yay me!

Rounded up the week with- relaxing/writing on the Saturday and a BBQ in the sun at Jess’s.  Ahh, lovely.

Jess BBQ

Funniest moment:

  • See pregnancy story!

What I did that scared me:

  • Was spontaneous…


  • Bought a ticket to Ballyturk- the new Cillian Murphy play…Which will be to celebrate 100 days of being sober!
  • The sun in London, it exists!
  • Since joining the gym I hit it up this week.  My hot fit gym instructor told me I’m very lean.  I’m taking that as a massive compliment.  Also had a boxing session with Akif, totally girl fight


  • Being stuck on the tube for 45 mins
  • Monday, because it was Monday
  • My new friend Arty stood me up for my gym date

What I learnt:

  • Humans are never black and white- we’re complex, multi layered things.  Not bad people.  Just people who have done bad things.  Sometimes nice, sometimes nasty and impossible to simplify!


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