What I learnt this week: Aha!

Monday was our last Canadian career fair.  We walked through mountainous fields of snow to reach Ottawa University- not exaggerating.  It was another successful day.  I’m getting good at promoting!

Our last supper that night was at a cute little Italian restaurant.  As we toasted to the trip, it felt like we’d been away for years.  It’d been amazing but we were looking forward to seeing everyone back in London.

The next day we got up early and checked out.  Wandered down to the canal which is 7km’s of frozen river.  Everyone puts their skates on and whizzes up and down.  Well- we walked it for around 500 metres.  But it was beautiful all the same.  Also ate a beaver tail, which is basically a flat donut.  Very tasty.


Then it was time to say adieu.  Taxi to airport, security, fly to Toronto.  Lay over.  Bought myself a bottle of Chloe perfume, ‘because I’m worth it.’  Got on board, unfortunately no up grade but slept most of the flight anyway.

It was good to be back in London.  Even better to miss the tube strikes!  I was exhausted and spent the rest of the week trying to catch up with sleep, work and friends.

Had a great time on friday night with Stu and Brendan.  Kicking back at the Red Lion Theatre pub in Angel.

Saturday, Kelly and I popped to view the 100 best wildlife photos of the year, at the Museum of Natural History.  So beautiful.  Then off to dinner at Bumpkin in South Ken, where I swear I saw Elle Mcpherson.


So…’Aha!’ moments.  Thanks Ophra.  Or perhaps you prefer to use the term ‘light bulb’ moments.  Either way it’s when a concept completely drops into place in your brain.  Maybe it was something you read or something a friend said that just clicked.  You go ‘why the hell did I never think of that?  That definitely makes more sense.’

I experienced a couple of these beauties this week.

It’s not so much of a lesson but more of an observation.  But I guess you could say be open to ‘Aha!’ moments.  Be open to advice, wherever it may come from.  Listen, read.  Because these ‘Aha!’ moments can provide such clarity and perspective, that your whole world can change.

Funniest moment:

  • After one day back at work, I needed a DRINK.  Went to the bar on Friday night.  Asked how much a glass of red was compared to a bottle.  It was a far better deal to get the bottle, so I did.  The bar tender inquired, ‘how many glasses do you want, 2 or 3?’  I paused.  I only wanted 1! But I was like ‘yeah, 2 or 3 thanks.’ When I told Stu and Brendan they laughed, and asked why I didn’t just ask for a straw.  Next time…

What I did that scared me:

  • Took on the role of manager at work


  • Natural History Museum with Kelly
  • Friday nigh catch up drinks with the boys
  •  Watched the Katy Perry doco.  She’s exceptionally talented and I love her


  • Jet lag again
  • 3000 emails to be checked from whilst I was away
  • The constant rain, we get it London, you rain A LOT!!!

What I learnt:

  • Be open to advice

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