What I learnt this week: Balance, what the hell is that?

(Hmmm, the draft of this was written in September last year.  Guess I’ve been busy- maybe trying to find balance or something).

Looking after yourself is damn hard.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to take care of a bunch of rug rats.   I wish I had a PA!!!  Sometimes I contemplate if I could afford one.  The answer is no, unless I stopped eating…

The whole juggling life thing is interesting.  If I haven’t seen my friends for a while I end up overcompensating by spending time on my social life.  Then I feel guilty that I’ve neglected my writing.  So I write loads  and then think to myself I have to do some bloody washing…

You get the point.  I doubt I’m alone when I say I can never seem to find the right balance in living my life.

Then I realised- balance doesn’t exist!  And the idea of trying to attain it is just a wild goose chase.  The only thing you can do is be where you are completely and not worry about what you aren’t doing.

It’s kinda like a seesaw.  Can you ever balance those damn things?  I definitely can’t (although to be fair I haven’t tried since I was 6).   It’s best just to enjoy the bloody ride (and not vomit).  I think that makes sense.  I’m tired- probably should get some sleep, maybe that’s what I need more of…

The week, what happened?

Cooking, writing, working and feeling inspired.  Which leads me to the the best news of the week.  I was shortlisted for a writing mentorship.  I made it to the top 20- that’s pretty awesome!  Makes me believe that I must be doing something right (or write, haha)!

It was also quite a social week:  dinner with Shell on Tuesday night at good ol’ Pizza Express.  Lunch with Libby on Friday, at our little Italian place.  Then headed to Surrey on Friday night with Shell to get my hair bejazzled by her friend Charlie.  New hair- new girl, yeah! (That’s why I look so happy in the pic below)…

Shell and Sal

Pretty chilled weekend.  Just trying to write, write and write.  Did watch ‘Orphan Black’ which was totally cool and inspired me to hit the gym…Tatiana Manslany is fit!!!


  • Stu telling me I got shortlisted for the top 20 of the Angel Mentorship programme
  • Everyone trying to help me fix my computer
  • Nadelle texting me to say she was enjoying my 100 days sober posts and that I’m so strong- eek, lucky I didn’t give up!


  • Terrorist tube scare
  • Really, really sore back- but I got to work from home and took some really, really strong pain killers!
  • Computer break down, which led to me to break down (in the middle of the Apple store, yep I was ignored whilst I sat there with tears streaming down my face)

What I learnt:

  • Balance.  Trying to find it is exhausting…AND it’s doesn’t exist, stop trying to achieve it and just live.

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