What I learnt this week: Winter Wonderland

Monday.  Ahh.  Last day of work until the 2nd of Jan.  Yipee!  Headed to see Anchoman 2 (although I still haven’t seen 1) with some peeps from work that night.  Laughed myself silly.  Nice way to begin the holidays!

Christmas Eve I got up early, headed to Borough Markets.  Ate myself around there.  Bought Christmas treats- mince pies, cheese, sea scallops.  Yum.  When I got home, Glen my house mate asked- ‘Are you here for Christmas?’  Yep.  He offered to cook a roast.  Which I’d never turn down!  I was in charge of wine and dessert.  Winning.

Later that day Glen took me to B and Q (basically Bunnings- for my Aussie mates).  Got paint.  Came home and we spent 6 hours stripping the wall paper in my room.  Pretty sure the land lord won’t mind…Painted until  9pm, that deserved  a wine.

As Glen and I chatted he suddenly decided to look for a Christmas tree in the house.  We found half of one.  Gave up on the rest but I decorated the house with tinsel.  Better late than never.


Talked to my family back home on Christmas day, which was lovely but hard as well.  Finished watching Dexter, the last season, shed a tear or two.  Whipped two more coats of paint on my room.   So happy it’s done!  Now I can join ‘The Block,’ no worries!

Had a lovlely roast, mulled wine and pudding with Glen.  It was a quiet Christmas but it was nice.  Went for a walk in the park, sharing my Christmas greetings to anyone who passed 🙂

Boxing day was pretty relaxing.  I was alone as Glen headed off to Venice.  House to myself. Which I always enjoy except for when it gets dark.  Then I think of every horror film I’ve seen.  My mind can be a little over active…

Checked out the ‘Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ too.  Which I absolutely loved.  Ben Stiller, what a dude!  It was a very chilled week really, catching up on writing my blog,  running, chatting to people in Aus.  Kinda letting everything catch up with me.  It’s been a crazy year.  Time for some reflection.

Went  to a belated Christmas gathering at Stu and Clare’s on Saturday.  Just a small group of friends.  It was so fun.  Eating, drinking, Pictionary.  Couldn’t ask for more.  Later that night we headed to the local for nachos and tequila.  Then in all my wisdom I decided to go to Romford to catch up with Lewis and Shelley.  That don’t go as planned, so home again.  And drunk face book posting.


Sunday I got up early and went shopping, purchased some things for my room, pillows, lamp etc.  Went for a run.  Did some planning for the new year.  God what a boring day.  Writing this makes me want to fall asleep.  Better stop.

This weeks theme was very clear- it was about choices.  It all started during an ad I saw at the movies. ‘The choices we make reflect our true nature.’ True.

I’ve recently been watching  ‘Samantha Who?’  Which has Christina Applgate playing a girl who wakes up with memory loss.  She said at the end of one ep ‘You never know how one thing will affect another.’ True too.

We also played ‘The 15 hardest choices you will have to make’ at our Christmas party.  If you google ‘top 15 hardest choices’ you will get what I’m talking about.  It was fascinating to hear people’s reactions to impossible situations.  And a lot of the time there was a clear male/female divide.  All I know for sure is there is alternate Sally walking around with Acrodian legs, hugging giant gummy bears, with cheeto dust on her hands, constantly hiccuping.

Some choices can be hard to make.  I believe you can only make the best choice at the time.  You can’t choose what happens to you.  But you can choose how you react.

What I did that scared me:  

  • Went to Romford on a Saturday night.  That will never happen again

Funniest moment:

  • Pictionary- Boys VS Girls + wine = hilarious


  • Redecorating my room
  • Christmas
  • I  gave one of my fav books- ‘The Alchemist’ to a friend before I left for the UK.  He recently posted it was the only book he has ever read and he loved it 🙂


  • Sunday, what a boring day
  • Tube closures, not fun!
  • Coldies

What I learnt:

  • You are the choices you make

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