What I learnt this week: Creativity for everyone!

People tell me I’m a creative person.  And yes, I guess I am.  But I don’t necessarily feel like an arty type.  To me those people look like Andy Warhol- totally unique, unmistakable. So it’s funny that I actually am a creative person without feeling like it…

My creativity has always kept me sane.  It’s been there for me for better or for worse.  It never leaves me.  For that I’m incredibly grateful.  Because I’m not sure what I’d do without it.  So it makes me feel sad that others may not have an outlet like me.  OR more importantly think they don’t have an outlet because they don’t believe they’re creative.

I was chatting to my brother and he said- ‘well, not everyone can be creative.’  This isn’t true.  Everyone can be creative!  We just don’t all look like Andy Warhol.  Creativity can take many forms- cooking, gardening, making an inspirational wall (see pic below).  We don’t have to write a 1000 page novel to be considered creative.

You do whatever you want, how you want.  That’s what being creative is all about.  Having an outlet to let the inspiration flow.   And it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad.  Who cares?  It’s for you, no-one else has to approve!

 Finally, your creative thing shouldn’t feel like a chore.  It should feel like something you can go back to any time and have fun with.  And it doesn’t have to lead anywhere either.  It’s just something that takes you out of the ordinary world and let’s you explore.

  Doing your thing should help you feel inspired and a little more connected in your life.   Just make sure you actually take time to do it- instead of binge watching everything on Netflix (which is valid but not every day).   Because in life it’s so important to find that thing which makes you sparkle 🙂

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