What I learnt this week: Dreaming…

I had a dream.  Not a Martin Luther moment.  It was a real dream…

I travelling on a train without a ticket.  Which already stressed me out, as I’ve never gone without one, (being the goody two shoes I am).  Any who, an inspector suddenly got on.  So, I thought I’d be up front and tell him straight away I didn’t have a ticket.  But instead of him thinking I was a great citizen for coming clean he yelled at me to sit down and wait.    

But I couldn’t.

The train door opened and I bolted.  Fast as I could.  I got away only to be followed by 2 friends who told me they got kicked off the train and fined because of me…even though they had tickets!  Where is the justice I ask you???  In my dream land I felt terrible.  

After I woke up I looked at what was happening in my life.  I realised it was a sign that instead of reacting quickly and potentially f*cking things up for myself, I should take a second to be patient.  Think before I act.  Then I’d probably react differently.  Hey, I might not but it’s worth a shot. 

Funnily enough I’m reading Anna Kendrick’s book- Scrappy little Nobody atm.  That girl has really grown on me (not literally).  Anyway…she has a ‘sleep on it’ rule.’ No decision until the next day.  Seems like a good concept.  No overacting until the next day at least!  Or maybe just no overacting.  

Now there’s a concept!

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