What I learnt this week: Just Enjoy

Jeeeeeez, a little behind on this bloggy thingy…

It was a bit of a catch up week- getting back on top of writing, exercise and my social life.  Had dinner with Nichole on Tuesday.  Met her friend Josie, who has just moved across from NZ.  Lovely evening at a piano bar in Barbican.

Checked out Orange (tight arse Tuesday for my non English peeps) Wednesday with Ash.  Scoffed Mexican,  enjoyed girly chats and laughed ourselves silly at ‘Bad Neighbours.’  Also perved our butts off, thank you Zac Efron.  Thank you.

I adore Ash.  She’s one of those people I haven’t known for long but they make you feel like they’ve always been there.  I wish I were as switched on to the wily ways of guys as she is at 22.  Ash doesn’t take any shit from anyone and has helped me realise I shouldn’t either.

The rest of week was pretty standard.  Oh apart from the fact I decided on a whim to visit Kathy in Switzerland.   I couldn’t really afford it, but that’s what God invented credit cards for!  My English one was maxed, so I turned to my good old plastic Aussie friend to help me out.  And boy did it help me out!

To be honest this trip was a bit of a gamble.   I didn’t know Kathy that well (we acted in a short film a couple of years ago), she could have been a crazy for all I knew.  But I took the chance and we got along like a house on fire, (as mum would say).

She really looked after me- we wandered around the beautiful lake where Dave her BF lives, met  her friends, cooked delicious food, checked out the markets in the old town Biel, ate Swiss chocolate and more Swiss chocolate. OMG Almond Toblerone!!!

Headed to Lucerne on the Saturday night.  Wandered around the incredible bridges and churches.  This is one of the most well know cities in Switzerland and it’s stunning.  After dining on over priced burgers (everything is overpriced in Switzerland) Kathy and Dave headed off to see a show they’d booked.

I went for a saunter down to the edge of the lake.  Perched myself in an amazing bar, wrote, whilst sipping on gin and juice (just joking I’m not snoop dog, it was a g and t).  Chatted to a couple of nice Swiss boys and enjoyed the sunset.


The rest of the weekend was spent driving through stunning mountains in Grindelwald, walking through the valleys of Interlaken and feeling the icy chill of the coldest, bluest lake in Switzerland.  Oh and bathing in an outside heated spa.  Living like a boss!


It was such a relaxing time.  I loved hanging out with Kathy and Dave.  I loved Switzerland.

The only thing I didn’t love was the cost of living!

However on the Saturday as I sat by the lakeside drinking my g and t guiltily worrying about how much I’d paid I thought- ‘ok I can either enjoy this drink that I’ve paid for with my hard earned cash or feel guilty about treating myself.  The option seemed easy, alas it wasn’t.  But I’m tired of guilt, so I drank every last drop and ordered another.

You may as well live your life whilst you can.  Who knows what will happen tomorrow.  I’m not saying spend all your pennies at once,  just don’t feel bad if you splurge now and again.  You deserve it.  Enjoy your money.  It’s yours, you earnt it.  Unless you stole it, then it’s not yours and you should feel guilty…

Funniest moment:

  • Playing ‘Milky’ with Kathy, Dave and Vicky (that’s probably not how you spell it).   It was a fun game after a couple wines!  Throwing a piece of wood at other pieces of wood with numbers on them, trying to add the numbers you hit to 45.  Sounds dull but it’s very fun and will induce much laughter.

What I did that scared me:

  • Pushed myself out of my comfort zones with regards to cash.  Bashed those credit cards!


  • Touching the coldest lake in Switzerland
  • Movie night with Ash
  • Getting to know Kathy


  • Leaving Switzerland
  • Getting lost on the tube on the way home from the airport, I was very confused
  • I should mention once I got over paying for my overpriced g and t I then felt guilty about drinking alcohol again.  Seems you can always find something to feel bad about.  But I realised it’s all about moderation.  I’d stopped drinking for two weeks.  I knew that I would eventually drink again anyway.  I just needed to know that I could live life without alcohol.  And I proved I could.  

What I learnt:

  • Don’t be afraid to enjoy what’s yours.  In moderation of course…

Switzerland 2




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