What I learnt this week: Let it be

Humans are storytellers by nature.  It’s how we make sense of the world.  How we justify the unjustifiable.  We say-‘this must have happened for a reason, otherwise all the pain was for nothing.’

I don’t blame us for being this way.  But try as I might sometimes I can’t  work out why certain things happen.  However maybe it’s because I judge them as good or bad.  And maybe they’re just things that happen? Maybe that’s just life…

So what to do?

Continue to make stories about how and why what happened was good or bad?  Or can we…

  • let go of expectations
  • let go of the stories we tell ourselves
  • let go of making sense of the senseless
  • let go of our concept of good and bad?

Can we let go and let be what is?

To be honest I sure as sh*t have no idea if we can, but I know we can try. We can always try.

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