What I learnt this week: London calling

This week I swapped Australia for London.  In doing so I realised just how many wonderful people are in my life.  Which made it that much harder to get on the darn flying machine.  Until I left I truly had no idea of what my friends really thought of me.  I guess the concept you have of yourself and what you mean to people are two very different things!

The send off I received was truly amazing.  Everyone had more faith that I was doing the right thing than I did!  But now that I’m here, I know it’s where I’m meant to be.  Just glad I finally had the guts to do it!

Getting to the point- what I learnt from this was that we don’t often reveal to our friends or family just how much they mean to us.  Henceforth I would like to tell people how I feel about them more often.   That I care about them, think they’re just swell etc etc.  It might be tough at first (unless I’m drunk, then you can’t shut me up- as most of you know)!  But that’s my goal anyway.

That was my biggie in what has so far has been huge week – flying for over 20 hours, being grilled by immigration- I didn’t think I looked that dodgy but I guess I hadn’t showered in over a day, so I probably had the crazy eyes.  Job hunting, house hunting, phone hunting, new friend hunting, bar hunting and my fav- English bloke hunting.

Living in London is like living in a dollhouse, it’s all very quaint. Not at all like me but that’s ok, I’ve no doubt we will get along.  So much to see and do…

I started my London experience with an Opera- Le Nozze De Figaro.  Which was incredible, but I think would have been more so if I wasn’t suffering jet lag and  wearing heels in the standing section for over three hours!

Hit a travel show on Saturday.  Booked a three-day tour to Scotland.  The guide revealed that there are  two cute Aussie guys in the group.  I laughed, as it would be slightly ironic to hook up with an Australian all the way over here.  Also ran into an old friend that I haven’t seen in years- Jacqui who’s living here too.  What’s that they say about the world? Oh yeah, it’s freaking small.

Went out for yummy cocktails and dinner at Tom’s kitchen, in Chelsea with Kelly, my new friends Linda and Suzanne.  So excited as we are starting a book club.  That’s possibly a sign I’m getting old, but more than anything I think it’s an excuse to catch up, drink wine and possibly chat about a book.


On Sunday had an epic cooking session- 3 hours to produce mouth watering,  as they shall now be termed- ‘leek balls’ and a beautiful Middle Eastern salad.  Well worth the effort!

Stay posted for more adventures!

The thing I did this week, which scared me most:

  • Moving to the other side of the world.  That’s a bloody big one.


  • Exploring the monopoly board for real- Trafalgar Square, Victoria Station etc.
  • Sitting in the sun (yes the UK does have sun) under the London eye with my Aussie friend Nadelle, then drinking 3-pound cosmopolitans at the Slug and Lettuce!
  • Starting my blog


  • Face stalking waaaaaay too much because I was missing my friends back home!
  • Tasting peanut butter here, what a horror show that was!
  • Finding out that wages suck big time (that’s putting it as nicely.  I need to find a sugar daddy).

Funniest moment:

  • Walking along the street in Chelsea (very posh area) trying to look sophisticated in my cute dress, when a big gust of wind revealed my little black nickers to the passing traffic.  I walked on as though nothing had happened, secretly cringing but even more secretly happy- I’m pretty proud of my bum.

 What I learnt in a nutshell:

  • To not be scared to tell people how I feel about them!

6 thoughts on “What I learnt this week: London calling

  1. loving your blog Sally! so glad you’re enjoying your new life. stepping outside of our comfort zones can be scary but so life affirming. will look forward to your posts. xox

    1. Thanks Rosey! It’s a bit of fun. Definitely hard to step out of your comfort zone but it is also very exciting when you do! Next post just about done!

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