What I learnt this week: Love is in the air

It was a rough start to the week.  Taking on the role of manager has been no bed of roses.  Tuesday I imploded.  But by Wednesday things had started to look up.   It’s so hard attempting to please everyone.  Sometimes you just bloody well can’t and you need to accept that!

Apart from work it was quite a social week.  A dinner catch up with Nadelle on Monday night.  Half price steaks at the Slug and Lettuce, near Waterloo.  Got my iron levels sorted!  Yea buddy.

Wednesday was my first trip out to Brixton, a dodgy area filled with hipsters.  Kinda like Brunswick in Melbourne.  The Brixton Academy was an amazing venue.  Seeing Phoenix was incredible.  I’ve wanted to catch them for ages, and they didn’t disappoint.  Played for almost 2 hours.  The lead singer even ventured into the crowd and thanked everyone for coming!  Couldn’t help but smile the entire time.

Ahh, it was also Valentines Day this week.  I usually hate this day with particular passion, as I’m not usually in a relationship.  Which isn’t the problem.  The problem is that us singletons are reminded; ‘you’re single, only couples get a special day.’  Fuck that.  I got up dressed nicely, did my make up & hair nicely, I felt good.   Went in to work to find a rose on my desk from Camilla, which meant a lot to me.

That’s when it hit me- the day should be about love for all, not just couples.  Love exists in so many forms.  I’ll continue this line of thought in the lesson; need to wrap up the week first.

Later that night I went out with Libby.  A friend of a friend from Aus.  When you meet mutual friends you never really know how it will go.  Lucky for us it was love at first sight.  Well girly love.  She’s newly married.  We shared stories, wine, and a lovely Valentines Day evening.

Saturday I headed to Barnes for a pub crawl with Kelly, Linda and Anna.  We started at the White Hart.  I would love to mention where we continued to and eventually finished, but I guess the idea of a pub crawl is you don’t remember those finer details.  Although I have inserted some pics, to jog my memory…

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

photo 3

I do know that I made it to 4 pubs and the other girls 5.  I may have stopped to chat to some cute rugby guys at pub 4.  Also shortly after that I may have needed to send myself home due to the excessive amount of alcohol in my body.

I get why they call it a pub crawl now.  You end up crawling like infant by the end of the night.

Back to the lesson:  love comes in many forms.  I saw a beautiful article about a little boy with Schwartz-Jampel syndrome (your muscles are tense all the time) and an abused dog becoming best friends.  The two fell in love, and in turn gave each other confidence to live a better life.  The love was evident.

V day reminded me love exists in all of us.  And is around us everyday.  Not just one day of the year.  We can love friends, family, pets, boyfriends, wives etc.  And don’t forget to love and respect yourself too!  Just go right on ahead and share the love.

Funniest moment:

  • When I was chatting to one of the rugby boys I thought he was an English guy mocking my accent.  Nope, he was an Aussie guy with a terribly bogan accent.  And I had just asked him if he was putting it on as a joke.  He informed me it was in fact his voice.  Whoops!

The thing I did that scared me:

  • Sent a Valentines day card


  • Good steak, with a good friend
  • Meeting Libby finally
  • Phoenix


  • Over drinking
  • Over stressing
  • Over tired

What I learnt:

  • Love is everywhere.  Make sure you share it 🙂


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