What I learnt this week: Now I see…

It can be easy to see problems as problems.  But if we could view them differently- perhaps as challenges that make us think divergently.  I’m sure we would get more out of a situation and be better off for it!

I can generally be a bit of a drama queen and I’ve expected the worst on many occasions.  But that’s no way to be.  Why not expect the best and then deal with ‘issues’ as they arise?

BTW why are they deemed issues?  Who deems them issues but us?  If we could look passed personalising the event and just see it as something which happened.  Merely an incident that we had to make a decision about, we’d be far better off than catastrophising the whole thing!

Haha- easier said than done.  But this week at work I had an issue.  It really pissed me off because I hate when I’ve very particularly organised something and it goes wrong.  Although it wasn’t my fault I felt it was reflection on my work.  I got mad, I complained and nothing happened.

I changed my tactics. Instead of getting mad I just kept speaking to people calmly until I eventually spoke to the right person, who was able to help me turn the ‘negative’ situation in to a ‘positive’ outcome.   It’s not the problem that was the problem it was the way I reacted to it.  Remember that quote ‘when life gives you lemons make lemonade!’

What did I get up to this week?  Work wise it was a bit of a struggle on Monday morning, as I only got to bed at 2am after V fest and was up at 5am to catch the train to Manchester.  When I’m tired, it’s like I’m a bit drunk so the trip was entertaining for Mike, Stefan and David (or maybe it wasn’t) I can’t be sure.  Somehow I made it through the all day meeting…

After that we went out for a team dinner at Jamie’s Italian, which was lovely.  I stayed in Manchester whilst they headed up to Cumbria for work the next day.   I relaxed in the hotel, then had a big breaky the next day.  And worked in the Manchester office.  Ahhh, I like it there!

The rest of the week flew by, which was nice because on Friday I was off to Edinburgh Fringe Fest with Jess and Heather!  Whoop, whoop.  It was truly amazing.  One of the best weekends of my life!  The vibe in the city was incredible.  Edinburgh is such a magical place- actually Scotland in general is, to be honest!


There was a bit of theme to the shows I saw.  A lot of questioning our world and the roles we play in it.  Especially as men and women.  I think these days we’re told what roles we are and we believe that.  But we can be who we want we don’t have to fit a mold!

Other themes included guys exploring what life is like for females and women were equally questioning men and their place in the world.  It seems we all want to get outside the box, explore each others world and stop taking what’s given to us as a given.

That was a bit of tangent- overall I had a wonderful weekend with Jess and Heather.  We ate and drank (non alcoholic beverages of course) ourselves very merry.  And our accommodation was beautiful- we had a fire place and chandeliers.  I managed to see 12 shows in 3 days!  I didn’t want to leave but I can tell you I will be back next year!


What I did that scared me:

  • The first show I saw was ‘Come Heckle Christ.’  Which was literally a show about yelling stuff out to they guy dressed as Jesus and him reacting to it.  I asked him what is the worst commandment to break…(I really hate drawing attention to myself in crowds of strangers)

Funniest moment:

  • ‘Baby wants Candy’ was an improvised musical show.  I love watching impro- you never know what you’ll get!  But you’ll always get a laugh!


  • ‘Bromance-‘this was my fav show of the festival.  It was three guys who weaved together a story of friendship through acrobatics.  Sounds strange but it was amazing!
  • Ate the best pulled pork roll of my life
  • My flirtations with my fling


  • Getting soaked when I first arrived in Scotland, with all my luggage
  • Leaving Scotland, I could definitely live there!
  • AVIS car rentals- that’s what caused me work grief!

What I learnt:

  • Don’t see a problem as a problem- look it as a challenge and find the new outcome.



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