What I learnt this week: 2013/2014

Last week of 2013.  What a year! 8 countries.  800km across Spain.  And 1 massive move.  I made it.  And learnt sooo much along the way.  (Auto correct kept wanting to type sooo as solo, which is kinda cool because it’s how I rolled this year).  Of course I wasn’t always by myself  I met some amazing people and I had help along the way from the already amazing people in my life!

Pretty chilled week again.  Working out travel plans and goals for 2014.  A bucket list for the year.  Need to make the most of Europe while I can!

Went to dinner with Camilla from work on Monday night.  Mexican, margaritas and pancakes.  Girls nights don’t get better than that.  Walked along King’s Road looking at the Christmas lights after our indulgences.  Enjoyed a girlie chat.


Next big event of the week-NYE.  Of course!  It was a quiet house party at Brendan’s.  Which did actually turn into a crazy night of spinning tables, drinking games and a lot of Green Day.  Wicked way to see in the new year with a good group of friends.  Took the tube home with Stu and Clare at 5am.  Home at 6am. Out.  I’m getting too old for that type of behaviour lol.


Needless to say the first day of the year was not very productive.  Although I did book the majority of my upcoming Italy trip.  And over the next few days I planned my writing goals which made me feel set for the year ahead.  Bring on 2014.

Only two days of work this week.  Nice to say hi to everyone and hear about their holidays.  But man it was hard to start back at work.  Was happy to get to the weekend.  Didn’t do much.  No drinking at all.  Good self control.  Just writing, mainly.   A little food shopping which I always enjoy.

Getting to what I learnt.  Coming in to a new year everyone posts their achievements of the last year and goals for the future, which I really like.  It makes us consider what we have to be thankful for and what we want to get out of the upcoming year.

It was a week of reflection for me too.  Looking at what I’ve done and what I want to become.  This quote I happened across sums up my feelings right now:

‘If you are depressed you are living in the past.  If you are anxious you are living in the future.  If you are living at peace, you are living in the present.’ Lao Tzus

I’m learning how to do that.  And man, it makes a difference 🙂

Funniest moment:

  • Watching Camilla be drunk after only half a cocktail…Man I love that girl!

What I did that scared me:

  • Said no.  A couple of times to different offers and people.  It’s something I never usually do!!!  But sometimes you have to re learn your boundaries and realise you can’t please everyone.  You gotta look after yourself at the end of the day


  • Have started a movie list of ‘must see’ films- watched Moon struck.  Amazing old school rom com
  • Bringing in the new year with new friends.
  • Checking out ‘American Hustle’


  • The after affects of NYE!
  • No heating in my house this week.  Arg, coldies.
  • Getting sick, again.

What I learnt:

  • Learn from the past.  Plan for the future.  Live now

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