What I learnt this week: Please lend a helping hand!

(Btw, I won’t even mention how many weeks behind I am on this so called ‘weekly’ blog…)

London is an amazing city, BUT…

I’ve noticed a change in me- I’m more impatient, irritated and less accepting of my fellow human (well at least the ones I don’t know).  Small courtesies are few and far between, so it was a nice change to be witness to a couple this week.

Just tiny things like a girl holding the lift open for me, a bit of customer service- these are things that make a difference.  Also I recognise I need to be more helpful too – it starts with yourself!  On that note I did help a drunk 19 year old girl at hot tub cinema to stay afloat, instead of drowning…

It was a busy week at work (when is it not really?)  Virtually our whole department went for free burritos on Wednesday.  I love my new work friends!

It was also a very busy social week!

Tuesday: Dinner date with Indu.  So great to catch up with her.  We are both in a much better place since leaving our last jobs.

Wednesday: Outdoor cinema in Coram Secret Garden with Shelley, Rochelle and Ellie.  It was so incredible to watch the ‘Never Ending Story’ (which is still so amazing) under the London stars.  It was the perfect evening.

Me and Shelley

Thursday: Hot tub cinema!  With Ellie and Rochelle again- we sat in a hot tub and watched ‘American Pie,’ (bit of reminiscing this week).  Then on to Brick Lane for the world’s best bagels- salted beef and mustard.  They’re the BEST!

Saturday/Sunday: V Fest with Jess, Zoe and Rochelle.  Not the greatest festival I’ve been to, but it still rocked.  And I can’t really complain because I saw- Rudimental, JT, The Killers, All Saints, Aloe Blacc, M people, Sam Smith, Childish Gambino + more.  It was an all star line up!


Funniest moment:

  • Watching all the drunken kids at the hot tub cinema.  Also realising that the dragon in the ‘Never Ending Story’ is creepy in a too keen on little boys kinda way…

What I did that scared me:

  • Went to V Fest in Chelmsford, not even kidding- it’s scary out there!


  • Seeing Rudimental
  • Starting a little fling with a boy who shall remain anonymous
  • Realising that ‘The Never Ending Story’ is still amazing today- good stories will never end…


  • Waiting for the cab after the festival
  • Chavs at the festival
  • Feeling old at the festival (damn it I know I wore short skirts when I was that age but my butt never hung out!)

What I learnt:

  • If you can help someone out – do!

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