What I learnt this week: The pursuit of happiness

Back to work.  Ahhh, being away puts you well behind!!  Needless to say the last week of work before the break was chaos!  Somehow made it through.

We had our work Christmas party on Thursday night.  James Bond theme.  Got dressed up all nice.  It’s funny your idea of what will happen and what does are so different.   Ate, drank, danced the night away.  It was fun.  My dance moves went down well 🙂

Most of us stayed at the Russell hotel in the city.  That was cool.   A big breaky with Kristen and the boys the next day was a must.  Work was as struggle.  Couldn’t wait for 5.30pm.

Went out for a cider with Stu and Brendan after work.  Ate the world’s worst burgers.  Chatted until we could no longer stay awake, as we all had our respective Christmas parties the night before.


Saturday I blame net flicks for being exceptionally unproductive.  Was planning a quiet night until Lewis invited me out for a Christmas Jumper party.  How could I say no!

It was supposed to be a couple of drinks but I was with a bunch of guys therefore was shouted drinks all night.  Ended up in what I believe could have been hell- ‘FABRIC.’  And by that time it was too late for the tube and a cab was not an option.

So we sat around until 5.30am, walked to Liverpool Street, ate maccas (disgraceful) and waited for the first tube.  Arg.  Home at 8am.  Was a good night though, and it’s nice being just friends with Lewis now.

Slept til 12pm.  Then cleaned out my room, which was surprisingly productive of me.

My weekly wondering- what are we working towards?  What drives us?  I guess most people would say happiness.  ‘I just want to be happy.’ The thing is- what makes us happy is different for everyone.  I saw a quote at my train station- ‘Some people chase happiness, others create it.’  I guess that’s what I’m trying to do.

Happiness is a big word.  But I believe it’s the small things that make up our individual happiness.  Spending time with someone you love, finishing something you are really proud of, going for a run, looking through the window and really seeing the world.

Everyone is in pursuit of happiness. How we get there is…(insert whatever you want)

Funniest moment:

  • I wore my fav blue dress to work on Tuesday.  The same day Terry wore exactly the same colour shirt.  We were the smurfs.

The thing that I did that scared me the most:

  • Caught the first tube home on a Sunday morning.  Although that was more scary for everyone else, as I was in last nights clothes, hair and makeup.


  • Christmas Party
  • Friday night burger & beers with the boys
  • Watching the end of ‘Damages,’ what a series!


  • Getting through work on Friday
  • Not doing any writing this week 🙁
  • Sunday tube start time is ridiculous

What I learnt:  

  • The pursuit of happiness is what you make it out to be



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