What I learnt this week: Relax

Settled.  I have my place, my job and friends.  My life in London is no longer just a holiday.  I have unpacked, bought groceries, started running in the nearby park.  I write in my spare time.

However this week I felt on edge.  For the last couple of months I’ve been in someone else’s space.  I couldn’t relax.  So when I was unsure about taking the washing out of the machine after it was finished, (as I didn’t know whose it was), Koby, (house mate) said ‘you gotta not care.’  And he was right.  This is my place, I can do whatever I want (within reason).  I’m here.  And I’m here to stay.


I haven’t house shared for years.  It’s weird to go back to it.  It’s not something I thought I’d ever do again.  But that’s life isn’t it.  Unexpected.    There are four other people- Casey and Glen, they’re nice, keep to themselves.  Then there’s Soph and Koby, my type of people.  We had dinner on Sunday night at the local pub, which they introduced me too.  Unfortunately they’re shifting out soon.  Oh well.  Better to have met them than not.

Had an early Christmas dinner goodbye with Kelly, as she heads off to Australia for the holidays soon.  That was lovely.  Picked up the rest of my stuff from her place.  I really wonder how I got everything across to London.  I do not travel light.  Excess baggage you might say.  Guess we all have some of that though…

Working week flew by.  Friday night was messy- drinks.  It’s bad when the shots start at 6.30.  Eek. Needless to say without food I didn’t last long.  Went in search of a burger.  Discovered sweet potato fries.  Amazing.

Saturday was rough.  No more drinking like that!  Ended up in bed watching Breaking Bad. Started to anyway.  Only 4.5 seasons to go…

This weeks lesson relates me feeling somewhat out of place.  There were a couple signs I noticed  in regards to this theme.  ‘Be where you are,’ & ‘Acknowledge the challenges and praise the progress.’  Honestly there’s nothing more to say.

Funniest moment:

  • One of the girls at work asking if Canada is part of the EU (although maybe that’s not funny)


  • Settling in to the house
  • Sunday night dinner
  • Getting my run back on


  • The after affect of too many shots
  • The after affect of too many shots
  • The after affect of too many shots

What I did that scared me:

  • Drank a Cuban Zombie (don’t)

What I learnt:

  • Relax, be where you are


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