What I learnt this week: I’m baaaack!

So last week was horrible.   I’d lost my inspiration, my creative self, my passion.  Oh dear, it seemed ALL was lost.  But what a change a week can bring!

Work flew by in a flash.  That’s the best part about being busy!  You just have to get everything done and done!

Monday we started our new writer’s group.  Met Stu and Brendan at the ‘Slug’ in Angel.  Organized what we would do, how we would run things.  Getting s#@t done!

Alas, by Tuesday I was sick again.  I truly believe this was directly related to how I was feeling.  Because at this stage I was still mucho uninspired.

I wanted to push through, make myself write, but instead I did the opposite.  I took the night off.  I watched a film.  Something that I knew would make me feel good.

‘Eat, Pray, Love.’  And boy, was that what I needed.  I cried the majority of the film, but it felt good to let all my frustration out.  By morning it looked like my eyes had been replaced by puffer fish but I had started to get myself back.

Wednesday night I was even more inspired because I was lucky enough to witness Beyonce live in concert with Camilla.  Now that was a show.  An inspirational woman if ever there was!!!  Incredible.


Friday was a pretty horrible day for me, I had to fire someone, which I’ve never done.  The girl was lovely but she just wasn’t right for the role.  After it was done I felt like I’d killed a kitten 🙁

Then I needed a couple of drinks! Kristen, came and met us as ‘Be at One’ for cocktails.  After that I headed off to Camden, to the notorious ‘Barfly’ for Brendans’ gig.  Also to celebrate with Stu for his B’day.  I was exhausted though and needed sleep, so it wasn’t late one.


Saturday was soooo fun- I traveled (it took me 2 hours, because of delays) to Indu’s for a delicious lunch, much rum and a girly catch up with Martine, Alice and Shelley.  We ate, drank and talked A LOT!!!


Me and Shelley continued the party, headed first to Leister square, had a wine with Kelly.  Then on to Shoreditch for more drinks.  Great day!  But 12 hours of drinking may have been a little excessive.

Got up Sunday- the sun was shining, the birds were singing, I went for a walk.  Spent the rest of the day writing in the back yard.  Nice.

This week’s lessons came thick and fast.  Which I believe was due to the fact  I’d done what I needed to get rid of the block, I was allowed to have what I needed.

I know I’ve talked about this in the past but it really hit home when I was reading about character development in a screenwriting book this week- ‘your character should never get what they want, only what they need.’

I realized that the universe wouldn’t throw anything at me that I’m not capable enough to handle!

Even more lessons…

– I learnt you just have to give yourself a break.  Don’t be your own worst enemy!

– I also learnt you have to make tough decisions.  It’s not pretty, but it’s a reality.

– I learnt alcohol should really be called truth serum.

– I learnt some friends you thought had class don’t, and some you thought didn’t actually do.

– I also learnt English guys have absolutely no game.

– I learnt Imagine Dragons are super amazing!

Funniest moment:

  • Indu’s lunch gathering.  The more rum, the more laughs.  A highlight was Shelley pranking Terry as a Zimbabwean teacher looking for work

What I did that scared me:

  • Sent random messages to a whole bunch of guys on tinder,  to see if I could get a reaction…I did


  • Girls Saturday catch up
  • Beyonce with Camilla
  • Starting the writers group


  • A wee bit much rum
  • Catching the plague
  • Being the bad guy

What I learnt:

  • No matter what you think you want.  You get what you need.














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