What I learnt this week: Self-compassion

Soooooo, I was catching up with a good friend and I noticed something as we chatted.  She kept putting herself down, saying things like- ‘stupid this’ and ‘I should’ve done that.’ It was horrible but I tried to be understanding and tell her everything was ok.

The reason I hated it, is because I care about this friend and don’t like to see her beat herself up. To me she is a wonderful, loving, straight-up awesome chick. But I don’t think she always sees that!

It’s funny though because once I noticed she did this- I caught myself being constantly critical. I didn’t even realise it until I saw someone else doing it! And I’m pretty sure most people don’t think I’m an idiot, so why would I tell myself that?

Life can be tough enough- we don’t need to be our own worst enemy. Probably better to be our own best friend. Treat ourselves as we would a mate and try to give ourselves what we need in the moment.

Whatever that may be…

This week I needed time out  to do fun stuff and so I bloody did.  Because all work and no play makes Sally a very dull girl.  And having time to really look around Melbourne with friends and family is great.  Because you know what- Melbourne is bloody GREAT!

However after all the eating and drinking, I need a detox.  Bring on dry July!


Me and dad at NGV

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