What I learnt this week: A Selfishism

No, it’s not a word but I have now made it one.  Pop it in your dictionary.  A selfishism:  a dark horrible organism that sucks your insides and feeds ideas into you brain that you’re the only human that matters.

Several things bring me to this week’s theme.  I recently watched ‘The Other Woman.’   Which I thorougly enjoyed.  I do believe Cameron Diaz is my BFF waiting to happen.  Don’t we all?  It’s a very funny film full of heart.  But to the point there’s a line- ‘selfish people live longer, ‘ which caught my attention.

There was also reinforcement of this notion discovered in my Stephen King book, he wrote- ‘selfish people are happier.’

I’m deducing that because you do exactly what you want, when you want, you’re happier and therefore live longer or something along those lines.  What a horrible concept!  Because I don’t believe that if you’re only self-serving you could possible be fulfilled.  And I believe you can be happier if you aren’t selfish.  I hope that’s not just me.

Of course you need to look after yourself.  I’m not saying be a doormat, but you can look after others in the process.  That’s not being selfish.  That’s being smart. Sometimes it’s hard to see you’re being selfish.  I have done it many times, we all have I’m sure.  It’s about being aware and recognizing the behaviour.

On the practical side of things I went back to work after 3 weeks away.  Wow.  That was tough!  I was a bit of a zombie, as it has been a hectic few weeks.  Sadly Camilla is leaving.  And 3 of the girls are on holidays next week.  Oh yay.

Apart from that it was a super hectic week.  Mum and I saw ‘The Commitments (brilliant), ‘The Book of Mormon,’ (hilarious again), the Graham Norton Show, with Zac Efron, Matt Leblanc, Seth Rogan, and Kaiser Chiefs performing- (all bloody brilliant).


Ate Chinese, Indian and Tesconese (yes, that’ s food from Tesco).  Drank with Stu and Brendan on Friday night.  Had coffee with Kelly at Notting Hill Markets before popping mum on the plane back to Aussie 🙁

After that I kinda didn’t know what to do with myself (cue song).  So I went to the movies, which always cheers me up.  Especially when my BFF is onscreen, hehe.

Funniest moment:

  • Book of Mormons (long moment)

What I did that scared me:

  • Submitted a story to the Graham Norton show, to be considered for the ‘red chair’


  • Starting writing again
  • Show, shows and shows
  • Having nothing to do on Sunday


  • Saying bye to mum
  • More bloody rain
  • Checking around 8000 emails at work

What I learnt:

  • It’s good to be selfish sometimes to look after you but it’s not so good to be selfish for the sake of it…

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