What I learnt this week: Sparks :)

Mondayitis.  That’s all I can say about Monday.  On the way home I did stop at the local Mexican restaurant and devoured what I think could have been the worlds biggest burrito.  It was very amusing when I first walked in as they offered me two for one cocktails.  But since it was Monday I didn’t fancy sitting there by myself with two cocktails.  That would have been a slightly alcoholic move.

Whilst I was eating my dinner I messaged Shelley from work.  Funnily enough a message came back, saying that it wasn’t her.  The business card she had given me was old.  Turns out I had messaged Lewis.  Who just so happens to be the cute guy working in the AV department.  Ahhh, don’t you just love when the universe hands you a happy mistake!  I haven’t talked to him much but we had a few flirty messages back and forth.

Tuesday was much of the same at work.  Checked out a house in North Acton.  It was in the middle of nowhere, but cheap as rent!!!  Then met Clara for  dinner at Penang, a beautiful Malaysian restaurant in Sheppard’s Bush.  We chatted about our writing plans and life in general.  It’s wonderful to have made some great friends already.

Clara amd me

It was Guy Fawkes this week, so there were fire works every night.  And there were the also  sparks at work 😉  I chatted to Lewis.  He’s actually only 22 but seems older.  He has a good sense of humor, a little off beat like me.

Joined a writers group on Thursday.  We planned to meet every two weeks, to keep each other on track with our projects, analyse scripts, watch films and aim for competitions.   After being at work all day, it was inspiring to work towards what I actually want in my career.

Friday night was great.  Kristen and I met Nadelle and Ash for dinner.  We went to West End to see Dirty Dancing.  The show was a bit OTT, but fun all the same.  I will never get tired of hearing ‘Time of my life.’

Which brings me to my lesson for the week.  Making a stand.  Dirty Dancing cemented this weeks theme- “You have to stand up for yourself no matter who is in your way.”  It’s true.

I had to learn to ask for what I want.  So when I chatted to my boss and he told me  I’m doing a great job.  I asked for a raise.  He was a little dicey on it but I explained it was too hard to support myself with my current wage. It was tough because in London the job market is not great atm but  you just have to back yourself and see what pays off. 

Saturday was hectic, rushing around buying new shoes and getting ready for Kelly’s 30th.  Oh what a night.  First we were at the Cadogan for drinks and nibbles.  It was lovely to get all dressed up.  Then headed to Whisky Mist.  Man, I haven’t been somewhere like that for a while.

It was an intense night club; they had chicks dancing in their underwear!  I thought it was hilarious, because they acted so serious and stuck up.  I was like ‘Um, you are dancing in your underwear, girl!’  A lot of rich pretentious types.  But we had our fun and boogied the night away.

Sunday I relocated to the the Balmy Badger, whilst I waited for my room in North Acton to be available.  Soon I will have my own space.

Sunday night caught up with a friend of friends- Al who writes for the BBC.  It was great, wandering around Oxford Circus, sharing our writing and life stories.

What I did this week that scared me:

  • Went up to a group of guys at Whisky Mist and joined their conversation

Funniest moment:

  • Accidentally texting Lewis


  • Kelly’s Birthday
  • Night River run to Battersea Park
  • New shoes.  Man, I love new shoes!


  • Being very hung-over Sunday morning
  • Ground hog feeling at work
  • Moving again

What I learnt this week:

  • Sometimes you have to make a stand!





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