What I learnt this week: Swedish dreaming

Another huge week.  This time in another country…Sweden.  A truly amazing part of the world.  The air is so clean; it’s like breathing for the first time!

I went to visit my friends Chris and Craig, who I met walking the Camino in Spain earlier this year.  Two Aussie guys living in a very small town named Amsele.  It’s the kind of place where serial killers could (and possible do) hide out.   Very remote but very beautiful.

It was funny travelling to Sweden, it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a long time but actually didn’t know much about.  This became apparent when I turned up with Euro instead of Kronor.   And no if you are wondering I didn’t run into the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I did however have an amazing time.  My days consisted of getting up early, writing (I finished an 85 page script during my stay). Cooking Chris and Craig lunch each day, on their work break.  More writing.  Lunch.  Then a two-hour walk/ride up sandy hills, by lakesides or through forests.  It was so peaceful.

Because the town is very small, seeing someone is rare.  Which if I thought about too hard, freaked me out, as part of my walks were over sharp rocks.  The paranoid Bridget Jones part of me was like- ‘god I could just fall over, dash my head open, get eaten by Alsatians (or Reindeer) and no one would ever know!’  But I’m still here.  It takes a lot to get rid of me…

When the guys finished work we’d all hang out.  One day we went to Mardselefors, which are beautiful rapids.  Not big atm, but amazing all the same.  We picked wild blueberries that day too.

Did a lakeside grill one night, lots of meat!  That’s the thing about hanging out with guys, they don’t like vegies.  But they set the table up real nice for me- with candles!  We even used plates for our food (they normally don’t).   Although I did drink out of plastic cup which resembled a bidet.


Got to meet Chris’ son Julian, that was awesome.  On the Saturday we all ploughed potato’s.  I gave up a little quicker than them, farming is hard work!

Travelled to Umea on the Saturday afternoon, the closest ‘big’ town.  Explored the streets.  Went shopping.  Guys do have it hard!  I realised this when I was waiting in the change rooms for the boys to try on their pants.  I made a promise to myself that I won’t make my next boyfriend come shopping with me, EVER.

Then boy did we get a treat for dinner- ‘FRAZZIES.’  This is the best fast food you can get!  The fish burgers are salmon!!! They have free tea and coffee.  Sauce choice is plentiful, you can go nuts!  And best of all it actually tasted like it was real food.

That night we went out to a bar which was a converted castle, totally cool.  Chilled to an interesting Swedish band.  They even had free food!  The Swedish are responsible drinkers!  Enjoyed fun times, dancing the night away.

What I learnt came about through my friendship with the boys.  I had such a relaxing week.  It was great to be by myself, get some perspective but it was equally awesome to hang out with Chris and Craig.

We talked a lot of bullshit, but also had some very deep conversations (depending on how much alcohol had been consumed).  But what I appreciate is the boys accept me exactly as I am.  I felt no pressure to try and be someone else, or act in a certain way.  I’m currently not where I thought I would be at 29 but I know I’m where I’m meant to be.

I never felt judged whenever I talked about my ideas for the future, my writing or  stupid guy stuff.  It was all ok.  I may have been teased but it was in good spirit.

This led me to realise it’s ok to be where you’re at.  Wherever that is, that’s good enough.  This doesn’t mean you accept mediocrity.  To me it means happily accepting my situation and knowing that I can change it.



What I did that scared me:

  • Ate wild mushrooms (no not magic) in the forest.


  •  Chasing the Northern lights in Chris’ car
  •  Ploughing potato’s
  •  Completing the first draft of my screen play


  •  Sitting in Arlanda airport for 6 hours with no money
  •  Wanting to jump in the lake but my feet froze, quite literally
  • Leaving Sweden

Funniest moment:

  • At H & M, helping Craig pick out jeans.  He tried on pair that was a little tight to say the least. I tried to get a photo of his lovely ballerina legs but unfortunately no luck.

What I learnt this week in a nutshell:

  • To be happy with where you’re at but know that you can choose to change.

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