What I learnt this week: The time is NOW…

Hugh Laurie is a wise dude. I like him as an actor and now I like him as a downright cool human. Here’s why…

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.”

It just makes sense.  Seems simple but it’s soooooo not.  Sometimes we get completely caught up in ‘life’ and put the things off that will make us truly happy. Saying I’ll do that when I have ‘time’ or when the ‘time’ is right.

Well that ‘time’ isn’t guaranteed!  So pick up the phone- call that good friend to say hi (or your mum, you know you should) or book that holiday, paint that picture, go for the job you always wanted.

Whatever it is take steps towards it NOW.  Because there will never be a guaranteed amount of ‘time’ where you can do all those really amazing things you’ve wanted to do. You have to make them happen now. Because tomorrow never comes.

Any who on to my week- it was a relatively quiet at work. Which was good, as it gave me time to catch up on those things you put off because they’re so boring but you know eventually need to be done. ‘Time,’ there it is a again.

Bit of a catch up week all round actually. Did loads of cooking (made my own Mexican, exercised (yoga in the back yard and walking to work through Hyde Park) and writing (group on Monday and the general writing stuff).

The weekend was lovely- social, relaxing and productive. Chilled on Friday night- bought a whole bunch of healthy cook books from Amazon. I love when the mail comes it’s like I’m getting a surprise pressie!

Went to David’s (one of the guys in the project team I’m working with) for dinner on Saturday night. He cooked a beautiful meal for myself and Torben (a very cute German student doing an internship at Hay Group).

Had lunch with Gemma (my voice coach from when I studied at the Actor’s Workshop, 10 years ago) and Scott (her husband)  who I’ve been meaning to catch up with for almost 10 months now!!! (I must take my advice on doing things NOW!) Apart from that I was writing, baking muffins, doing housework and reading. Proper Stepford wife!


What I did that scared me:

  • Started doing improvisation class again! Living and making decisions quickly that you hope will be funny- that’s stressful! I like to know my lines…

Funniest moment:

  • Improvisation class…the whole thing.


  • Seeing ‘Boyhood’ at the cinema with Jess.  What an amazing film!
  • Reading whilst it was raining outside. I love that cozy feeling
  • Worked from home on Thursday- would be great to do this everyday…


  • Having to go shopping at ASDA. I just don’t like that place!
  • Rain. Again…
  • This is more ironic than anything. I really needed phone credit and was in an area that I didn’t know and there were few shops. Then to my luck I noticed a huge store with Lebara posted all over it. I was saved. Only to go into the store to be told their mobile phone credit machine was broken…

What I learnt:

  • There’s no perfect time to do something. You just need to jump in and do it!

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