What I learnt this week: Tough sh*t!

I was flying to Sydney recently with mum- we were on our way to visit her mum for a little family holiday. There had been crazy storms that week so the turbulence before landing was a hell of a roller coaster ride.

After trying to go through the roughest patch the pilot pulled the plane up and flew around the terminal again, trying to find another entry point. But there was no avoiding the rough patch. I said to mum- ‘we have to go through it.’

And yes it was hard (and freaking scary). But it had to be done. We had to go through the sh#t so we could land on the other side.

It was interesting because I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch myself. I haven’t felt like me, lately. And I haven’t wanted to deal with what I know I must deal with. But there it was glaring me in the face as I said it- ‘we have to go through it.’

And so my friends turbulence isn’t just when you’re having a fun ride on an airplane, it’s something we deal with in everyday life. And the truth is you can’t go around it, you can’t escape it.  You have to go through the tough stuff.  We all do.

So buckle up. Do what you need to do and push on through.

Because getting to the other side is worth it 🙂


2 thoughts on “What I learnt this week: Tough sh*t!

  1. Wise words indeed Sally. And then when we look back on the decisions we made (or didn’t make) we should be gentle with ourselves.

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