What I learnt this week: Women are not from Venus, men are not from Mars!

We are all from earth.  And essentially we all want the same thing.  To find our place and feel validated.  More on this weeks lesson soon.  But first…

It was a pretty chilled week.  Getting my head around my job.  Embracing the whole fitting in with the office peeps, which is always nice.  You know the point when you can joke really inappropriately and  get away with it.  Yep, that’s fitting in right there.

Even went out with one of the work girls (Shelley) on the Friday night.  We enjoyed half-priced cocktails at Be at One.  The best type of cocktails!  She must have thought I was ok, because she invited me to her friends Halloween party, after our bar session.  We drank ‘blood’ punch, which was really just a very strong mix of juice and vodka.

The big event this week was Kelly’s 30th birthday.  We went out for dinner to Ten Greek street, in Soho. Tapas, wine and the most delicious chocolate soufflé I’ve ever eaten.  Chatted about reaching the age of 30- feels like we are finally women now.


Also smashed out a few jogs around Regents Park.  It was awesome running through the park in the sun on Saturday, dodging the gigantic ducks.  Seriously you don’t want to look at them the wrong way!

Headed back to stay at Chelsea.  Kelly and Simon were in France for the weekend.  So more time on my own.  Eating in, watching DVD’s, house hunting, writing, washing, getting ready for the week ahead.  It was my first weekend off from social activities, which was much needed.  Brain and liver are now revived.

Back to what learnt this week.  I’ve spent countless hours thinking that guys really aren’t from this world.  This was the first week of my life where I realised we are all human and need to feel wanted.

The first clue was a stat in the paper, which read-  ‘33% of guys want to be in a relationship.’  I just didn’t think that was true!   The next hint was also from a paper, article entitled- ‘Men are softies.’  The discovery fully developed when I joined online dating on a drunken whim.

I was overwhelmed by the response- guys wanted to meet up, chat, and wink at me.  It was so intense that I realised maybe this was not what I wanted after all and deleted my subscription.

I really thought I wanted a relationship but it turns out it was nice just to know offers were there, should I want to pursue them.  In the words of the Rolling Stones ‘you can’t always get what you want but if you try sometime you just might get what you need.’

It was funny realising that guys really aren’t from another planet.  There’s an interesting dynamic in men and women these days.  The women I’ve recently met, are a little older but are not settling down.    They’re pursing what they want in life and enjoying themselves.  They’re not hitting 30 and getting all crazy about having to settle down and start popping out babies!

However the main point I learnt this week is that it doesn’t matter who you are, we are all humans.  And whilst I do like to be alone, I also like to be with people and feel loved.  We all need LOVE.  Be it from our family, friends, or a special someone.   It’s part of the human condition.

Funniest moment:

  • One of the guys at work threw a soft football at my head as I was walking out to greet a candidate.  Who he didn’t see.  It got me right in the head just as the woman walked in.  It was probably more embarrassing than funny though.


  • Finally understanding men ( well starting to at least)
  • Dinner with Kelly in Soho, we realised we are finally women!
  • Spending time alone, which is sooo important.  Just keep the conversations to yourself at a minimum.


  • Drinking too much on Friday night!
  • Working crazy busy hours
  • Eating chips and lollies for dinner one night

The thing I did which scared me:

  • Joined online dating

What I learnt:

  • Everyone needs a little love 🙂

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