What I learnt this week: Lost in translation

Last week of July 2015…

People can very much surprise you.  The amount of times when I thought I had people worked out only to be proven wrong blows my mind.  Sometimes that friend will disappoint you or a near stranger may help you in an unexpected way.

That’s life.

And you definitely can’t just take people as you see them.  Judging a book by its cover can be very limiting.  This lesson was brought on when Tom came to visit Manchester.  We went out for some drinks and as we chatted I realised he definitely wasn’t the person I thought he was.  Not in a bad way, just different to what I expected.

He also surprised me when he mentioned a message that I’d sent, which he said seemed cold.  I thought I was being friendly!  And that’s the danger of taking social media at face value!

It was a hectic week- busy at work, packing up my life from the last 2 years and some social business.

On Wednesday I needed time out.  So Steph came over and cooked me dinner whilst I packed.  We were very ‘Sex and the City’- drinking Prosecco.  (If you’ve seen the film, you’ll know what I mean).

Friday night- Jill, Steph and I went to ‘Crazy Wendy’s’ for some crazy karaoke, (I sang Spice Girls and I’m sure it was brilliant…).  What a great way to end my time in West Didsbury!


One thought on “What I learnt this week: Lost in translation

  1. Babe! FInally reading it! Love it!
    Going to miss you heaps, and feel so happy we became such good friends over here. Liv is the best for bringing us together. You will forever be my travelling London buddy and i know we will share so much more when I get back to Melbourne and we can hang together! Love you heaps. xxxxx

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