What I learnt this week: No regrets

This blog seems to still be stuck in 2014, eek!  It’s about 4 (more likely 5) months behind.  Time to get this pony back on track (not literally).

The first draft of this post was actually written a while ago and since then the situation has changed dramatically.  And believe me when I say the original post was well and truly an over share.  So I got rid of the specifics of why the lesson relates to me and just wrote what I learnt…

You can’t cut off your emotions.  No matter what you think.  The more you try to protect yourself, the less you let yourself experience life.  You might get hurt because of your actions but it’s better to regret what you did do rather than what you didn’t do!

Sometimes you just have to dive in the deep end and hope there’s not a huge f$#king rock waiting.  But if there is- you can figure it out from there.  Although it will hurt, you will eventually heal.  You just might walk with a limp afterwards…

What I did this week, in a nutshell:

Monday- Was my last day in Edinburgh.  Did the touristy thing.  Ate my last lunch of delicious Scottish food.  Then a 12 hour train journey home- disaster!  It was only meant to be 4 hours- bit of a track problem, you could say!


Tuesday: Back at work.  Although because I got home at 6am from the fateful train ride I was exhausted and went home a little early to sleep.

Wednesday:  Work. Spontaneous dinner with Roison at ‘Giraffe.’  Ate a huge meal, including a yummy dessert – although there was a big debate here.  Sometimes I just want to order a  dessert without feeling guilty!

Thursday: Work.  Out for Mexican food for dinner- yum!

Friday:  More work (guess that’s how the working week goes)  That night went to the Elusive Camel for Roison’s leaving drinks 🙁

Weekend:  Wrote a freaking screenplay!

Funniest moment:

  • Talking to myself on the phone when I was tired.  Yes, I was so tired I was trying to find my mobile so I called it from my land line.  Found it.  Then noticed I had a missed call.  Called that number, which was my land line…

What I did that scared me:

  • Put my heart on the line


  • Seeing Scarlett J kick butt in ‘Lucy.’  There was a cool line in the film which relates to the theme for this week- ‘if you lose the ability to feel emotion you lose the ability to be human.’
  • Spontaneous dinners
  • Edinburgh- such a cool city!


  • Train back from Edinburgh- not so cool!
  • Leaving Edinburgh, I love that city!
  • Rain everywhere I go!

What I learnt:

  • You can try to protect yourself but it won’t work.  Best to just get amongst life and see what happens!


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