What I learnt this week: Best laid plans…

I set loads (and loads) of goals for myself and work towards them relentlessly.  The way I see how to achieve things is very literal.  I make a plan to get from A to B and go full-steam ahead.  I leave no room for diversion.

However life is full of diversions…

I was on my way to work this week- running late (which never (EVER) happens) and I missed out on a car space at my train station.   This meant had to park ages away, so I didn’t make my usual train.  I was pretty frustrated, as I ran down the road like a crazy person at 6am…I may have used a few choice words to express myself.

But the funny thing was I ended up catching an express into the city and actually arrived earlier than expected!  I had to laugh because I thought I knew the best route to get to where I needed to go- shock horror I didn’t!  Life took me on a different track (literally) and I ended up arriving quicker than I would’ve originally.

Sooooo…You may think your plan is the best but that’s not always the case.  Life might pull you  in a new, even better direction.

You never know!

P.S. I celebrated my birthday this week, woohoo.  Maybe they’re right (whoever they are)- a little bit older, a  little bit wiser.  Or is it a little be odder?

 Who knows…

Me and flick

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