What Sally learnt this week: Recharge

Having recently returned from a holiday I was feeling relaxed and calm, for about a week.  Then the magic faded.  I was tired and felt like I already needed another break!  Which seemed ridiculous.  But then I thought about it…

We recharge our phones every day.  Why shouldn’t we recharge ourselves?  It kinda makes sense!  Instead of running ourselves ragged and then needing a big  ol’ holiday, why not take a time out every day to recharge?

However sometimes I feel guilty if I sit down to just ‘chill.’  My over active brain is like – ‘hey, get up lazy bum, you should be writing,’ (or doing the dishes, or going to the gym, or insert the never ending list of things I could be doing).  Well, MR CRAZY SLAVE DRIVER, I can’t write 24 hours a day!  I need to live a complete life in order to have experiences to write about.

So I’ve begun this crazy new notion where if I have time to spare I don’t suddenly fill it up.  Instead I take a bath or dance around my room shaking my bon bon’s to J-Lo.  The way you unwind may be different to me (at least the J-Lo bit I imagine is).  Maybe for you meditating works or calling a mate for a chat is better?

Whatever it is I get the feeling it must be done daily and actually made a priority.

Because you don’t want to come to the point where everything becomes overwhelming and you want to go postal on everyone’s arses!  There’s nothing worse than trying to remain calm when you’re hanging on by a thread.  Taking time out every day to recharge, may be the answer?

The way I see it is- even if we feel guilty, we really must recharge ourselves.  Our lives depend on it.  It’s kinda like that old drink, driving ad- STOP, REVIVE, SURVIVE.  If we don’t recharge, we won’t survive.  I’ll go one better-  we won’t really live.  We will just exist without taking time out for things that help us feel real joy.  Maybe the saying should be…




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