What I learnt the week: You’ve got mail

I always believed that one day I’d get to a point and I’d know everything. I would be a completely sorted human (aka awesome zen master of the universe). But this week I was with Han at my new fav Mexican restaurant- Chingon and I realised I may be holding onto a fantasy…

It was the last time we’d catch up for a while, as she’s going to America for a few months. We sat on the rooftop drinking the world’s best margaritas and Han shared her apprehensions about heading to the US.

As humans we never stop wondering if we’re doing the right ‘thing.’ (Whatever that is). And our crummy thoughts will try to hold us back.

The way I see it is- when you wake up in the morning your inbox (brain) has had a delivery of spam overnight. You need to delete what you don’t need. Then open the useful emails and let them help you.

Because there won’t ever be a point you’re not getting spammed in life.   You just gotta keep going and delete the sh*t, (very eloquent I know).

My newfound mindfulness was further cemented this week when I finished the 30 day 1 Giant Mind challenge in meditation. This is something that I’ve never been good at, so I was exceptionally proud to finish!

When I wasn’t finding my inner calm I seemed to be working at the gym. I pretty much live there atm. But that’s cool because I’m enjoying getting to know the girls I work with. And enjoying getting to know the boys that come into the gym even more 😉

By the weekend I needed to relax. Tom headed back to Brissy on Sunday morning. So Friday and Saturday night we chilled, watched DVD’s and ate.  At times it was hard having him stay for 6 weeks (as the place is a bit small for 3 people). However once he was gone it felt like something was missing.

But life goes on (as it seems to do) and I got some much needed time to myself on Sunday. I wrote, I walked, I was.


Me and Han

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