What I learnt this week: 100 days!

Warning- this post was written in October 2014 but its sentiments remain valid…

This week I celebrated 100 days of staying sober.  Yes I did it!  No drinking for over three months in Europe!  I can’t believe it either.  I thought I would share what I learnt through staying strong for 100 days:

  1. You don’t ever need a drink no matter what you believe.  EVER!
  2. Drinking does give you confidence but so does acting confidently- fake it until you make it
  3. It’s better to face your negative emotions than to try and cover them up with alcohol.  It makes you stronger if you deal with things head on
  4. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing in life.  Moderation is good
  5. Don’t let other people influence what you want to do.   If you don’t want a drink then- DON’T.  Who gives an f*&^k what others think.  What you do is up to you!
  6. Not drinking definitely clears your mind and helps you feel so good health wise.  It’s weird but I feel lighter…
  7. You can have a ball without alcohol!  It can be done!
  8. You can change your life- if you choose to.  But you must take action.  There’s no good in saying- ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’
  9. I have reconsidered whether the buzz I get from alcohol is really worth the negative emotions that follow the day after
  10. No matter how hard the task at hand seems you can do it!!!

The most amazing thing was I realised how many people had actually been following my journey.  So many people congratulated me (on Facebook), even people I hadn’t spoken to since high school (which seems like a while ago now, haha)!  It made me feel so proud that I didn’t give up.  You never know who you’re inspiring just by staying true to something you believe in!

That was the big news of the week.  Which I think is pretty darn impressive.  But what else did I do?  Apart from the usual writing and working malarky:

Saw a play at Southbank called ‘Ballyturk’- which starred Cillian Murphy.  It was so crazy but brilliant at the same time.  Cillian is incredible (and gorgeous).  I had to control myself from running on stage and ripping his clothes off!!!

Enjoyed a Thai dinner and movie date with Jess on Thursday.  We saw the much anticipated ‘Gone girl,’ with my dream husband- Ben Affleck.  Sigh.  No I don’t just lust after attractive men all day, (only 87% of the day), geez I have to do a bit of work!

Dinner with Roison on Friday night.  We ate amazing Spanish tapas and drank sangria.  Yes I drank, but in moderation.  I control my drinking, it no longer controls me!  Then it was off to Michelle’s birthday drinks- fun times in Clapham.




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