What I learnt this week: A whale of a time!

July 2015…

When something goes wrong we are ‘having a bad day.’  We something goes right we are ‘having a good day.’  Why do we feel to the need to label everything?  It is what it is and what will be will be.  (Thank you- ‘The 100-year-old man who climbed out the window and disappeared).

What an amazing book!  The main character lives his life experiencing nothing as good or bad, it’s just life.  Such a fascinating way to live!  And it worked for him, he hit 100.(Although it was slightly fictional).

For me there was lots of right and wrong this week.  Or if I’m stealing a leaf from the book. There was just lots of life…

Instead of the boring stuff I’ll skip to the best bit- my Wales weekend!

Jon, Steph and I headed off on the Friday night for a road trip.  Arrived at our cute cottage, where Jon managed a pretty killer BBQ (although if you’re reading Jon, it was average at best).

The next day we got up early to tackle Snowdon.  One of the highest peaks in the UK!  Six hours later- battling rain, wind and hundreds of hikers we conquered it!

Shattered, we drove back to the cottage.  Steph cooked an amazing meal.  (Yes, I just sat around whilst everyone catered for me).  We spent the evening playing card games and drinking Prosecco.  It was so nice to chill out with good friends.

Sunday we took off to Barmouth.  Strolled along the beach, had a little picnic beside the water.  Then unfortunately it was time to head back to Manchester.  But that was ok because we had made the most of the freaking weekend 🙂





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