What I learnt this week: Age of Innocence

It was a very unexpected and exciting week!

I found myself back at Alpha Shows. Jacqui called me in to play Maleficent, as one of the other actors had to leave all of a sudden. So I had to find out if I could remember my lines from a few years ago and jump straight into performances…

Turns out I could remember.  Hooray! Just had to relearn a couple of dances and throw in a sword fight and Bob’s your uncle, (well actually Bill is).  Anywho, it all came flooding back, (after a slightly nerve racking first show).

It was awesome to be on tour again. I’d missed the Alpha gang.  I’d missed acting.  And I missed seeing the little kiddies faces light up as they watch us on stage.  They all sit there so in moment. No future, no past.

That age is so wonderful- everything is ahead of you. You don’t know that the world can sometimes be a really scary place. You are full of wonder. That sense of ‘awe’ flooded back  to me this week.

It’s so important as an adult to keep your heart open to possibility. To search for wonder in your days. To believe that there’s always beauty in the world.  To remember that little kid inside.

With back to back shows it only left a smidge of time for other happenings. Worked my first solo shift at the gym.  I totally love the job and the bonus is since I’m already at there I figure I may as well pump some iron (or just ride a bike more like it, hehe).

Also managed a bit of socialising- headed to a basketball game with Hannah on Friday night.  She’s currently casting for bachelors (yes- she’s paid to approach potential guys for the show). Hence the basketball game.  So my hand was straight up to  go along for that ride.

Haha, what fun! Bachelor hunting. I love my life.


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