What I learnt this week: All in!

I was watching ‘The Voice’ the other night.  (It’s my guilty pleasure).   And it was amazing to see the difference in the performers.  Before one of girls went on stage she said- ‘I’m going to go out there and give it my best.’  She bloody did- her performance was amazing.

And that’s what set the people apart from those who were chosen and those who weren’t.  They gave it absolutely everything.  There was no holding back.  They were all in.

It made me think about this as a way to live life.

You can’t hold back.  You can’t love someone only halfway because you are scared of getting hurt.  You can’t be someones true friend without ever letting them pick you up when you’re down, you can’t keep your dreams quiet because you’re scared of failing.

You have to take that chance and be all in.

Baring your soul for everyone to see is no easy feat. It means being vulnerable- but why not?  Would you rather get to the end of your life and say I wish I’d been all in?

Sooooo peeps, I’m going to try to be more- all in.    And I’ll tell you another lady who was all in– the mesmerising Marilyn Monroe.  I went to visit her in Bendigo this week.  She’s still looking good,  although slightly 1 dimensional…


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